How Rohit Roy Completed 25 Years in Bollywood

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Rohit Roy has always been Bollywood’s chocolate boy, but his presence predominantly graced the silver screen. His versatility across several Hindi serials like Swabhimaan, Des Mein Nikla Hoga Chand, Kkusum, and Sanjivani takes us back to the good old daily soap operas of the 2000s.

Like every television actor, Rohit Roy also tried to get into movies. But he never played a lead character. Rohit’s latest movie release was Chengiz in April 2023. Since he is Bengali, his work is found across Tollywood and Bollywood.

Who are the Roy brothers?

Sibling stories are not uncommon in Bollywood and are not limited to the Khans and the Kapoor. Two Roy brothers, Ronit and Rohit, wanted to make it big in Mumbai, so they did. Born into a Bengali family helped them get work across two industries, but they are originally from Nagpur, Maharashtra. Rohit Roy spent quite a lot of years in Ahmedabad for education.

While Ronit Roy, the elder one, is more critically acclaimed, Rohit made his own journey to sharpen his skills. Their full names are Rohit Bose Roy and Ronit Bose Roy, with three year of age difference between them.

Both actors have graced our television screen with epic TV series. Ronit did pave the way that Rohit too followed. Today, they have an established name in the industry and successful businesses running simultaneously.

Ronit Roy will always be remembered as Mr. Bajaj from Kasauti Zindagi Ki. However, his presence in films like Udaan, Kaabil, and 2 States was noteworthy and impactful.

Ronit and Rohit Roy have faced comparison by critics when considering their Bollywood careers. If you closely look at their filmography, you will notice that Ronit Roy had more success than his younger one.

When asked about such comparisons, Rohit Roy said their journeys as actors have taught them individually. They have learned from each other, and comparisons never bothered him. For Rohit, Ronit is like a father figure. Even at age 54, he does not drink in front of his elder one until Ronit asks him to.

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Rohit Roy career

Rohit Roy’s claim to fame happened through his TV series Swabhimaan in 1995. He once admitted that the initial years of success in his career played with his head. When it was time for him to polish his craft, he dived deep into the comforts of success.

Swabhimaan was directed by renowned filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt. It gave Rohit Roy the limelight that continued till the early 2000s. However, when his work started tanking, it was late to outshine competitors.

He once admitted that he worked with friends to maintain relationships when his focus should have been the director’s capability. The actor also admitted that he does not know how he survived the film industry for 25 years with “more lows than highs.”

At a time when lives are so competitive, even sons and daughters of big Bollywood celebrities cannot make it through. Rohit Roy admitted that he sustained in the industry despite several flops for almost three decades.

Personal Life

Roy is married to Manasi Joshi Roy, and they return to their KKusum days in the early 2000s. Manasi was a big name in the TV industry then, and she rose from theatre. She modeled for over 100 commercials, including big brands like Ponds, Kellogs, and Close Up. Manasi has worked in serials like Garwali Uparwali, Kkusum, Saaya, and more. The couple came together as contestants in Nach Baliye.

Although Rohit Roy never won an Oscar, he had an Oscar moment when his wife was teary-eyed seeing him perform. Like most theatre actors are critical of performances, Manasi had told Rohit that she hated his performance in Swabhimaan.

Since that serial made Rohit Roy known to the world, he evidently wished for appreciation. However, an actor seasons with time, and Rohit took 25+ years of constant work to finally make his wife proud.

Rohit’s role as Dr. BR Ambedkar in a 120-minute musical directed by Mahua Chauhan left his wife teary. Rohit took to Instagram to share his joy of having his Oscar moment. While Manasi did like him in Kaabil, this was the best performance, according to her.

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Rohit and Manasi have a daughter together named Kiara Bose Roy. She is currently pursuing higher education in the US. In 2021, her airport videos were all over the media. It was the time when she was off for US, and was seen clinging to her family members with tears in her eyes.

rohit roy wife and daughter

What is Rohit Roy doing now?

Rohit Roy was in Africa a few days back, shooting and stunting his way through Khatron Ke Khiladi Season 13.

He was one of the contestants in KKK 13, hosted by filmmaker Rohit Shetty. The actor reportedly injured himself while doing a stunt, which led to his elimination.

Recent reports suggest that he is returning to Mumbai to rest and recover. The show might want him back through a wild card entry once he is recovered. But for now, his chances of being on this adventurous reality show seem bleak.

Rohit Roy Net Worth

Rohit Roy is not just another name in Bollywood. He is a hustler who has completed a silver jubilee in one of the most competitive and unstable industries.

His Instagram profile has over 1.3 million followers and over 122K on Twitter, making him fall under the influencer category. Being a part of the influencer and creator economy has always made Rohit Roy get a lot of media attention. Be it ad shoots or brand collaborations, these always keep coming.

Currently, his net worth is more than $4 million. The amount in India currency is approximately Rs. 330259400 as of now.


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