How Massive Is Morgan Freeman Net Worth? Know The Legend’s Bank Balance

How Massive Is Morgan Freeman Net Worth? Know The Legend’s Bank Balance

Morgan Freeman net worth is touching the sky and it’s not at all shocking considering how much he is in demand in the Hollywood acting industry. His enormous fan base is always intrigued to get a sneak peek of his projects from which he makes quick bucks.

Winning the hearts of hundreds and thousands of people Morgan Freeman has reached a hard-to-achieve level of success. He is much adored for his husky voice and dialogue delivery. No wonder he is an exceptionally talented narrator and actor. Apart from that he has also directed a plethora of movies.

Renowned for playing fatherly roles on big screens, Freeman will be seen in the skin of a villain in his up-and-coming project Gunner. He became a part of the film’s cast in February this year. Wishing that this project takes Morgan Freeman net worth to the next level breaking all records, let’s see how much he has already earned throughout his career.

Full Name:Morgan Freeman
Known As:Morgan Freeman
Date Of Birth:23rd May, 1937
Birth Place:Memphis, Tennessee, U.S.
Age:85 Years
Height: 6 ft.
Profession:Actor. Film Producer. Narrator
Net Worth:250 Million USD
Years Active In Industry:59 Years and still active
Wife:Not Married
Founder Of:Revelations Entertainment . ClickStar

Early Life, Education & Struggle

Morgan was born in 1937 in Tennessee, US to Mamie Edna and Morgan Porterfield Freeman. He is the youngest among his siblings. He has spent most of his childhood switching locations from Greenwood to Mississippi to Gary, Indiana with his elders.

The Invictus star attended Broad Street High School where he learned the basics of music and theater and graduated in 1955. But when he got a partial acting scholarship from Jackson State University, he went to join the United States Air Force. He joined the airforce as an Automatic Tracking Radar Repairman and was later raised to the position of Airman first class.

In 1959, Freeman moved to LA and joined Pasadena Playhouse and  Los Angeles City College to learn about acting skills and theater arts respectively. One of his teachers at City College motivated him to give dancing a shot. He did so and later became a member of the Opera Ring musical theater group in San Francisco and performed at the 1964 World’s Fair. Let’s talk about Morgan Freeman net worth.

Morgan Freeman Net Worth

Morgan Freeman net worth is reported to be around 250 Million USD. Let’s dive in and find more details.

Earnings From Acting Career

Morgan Freeman’s acting career took flight after he performed in The Royal Hunt Of The Sun. It was the time when he realized that acting brings satisfaction to his soul.

Today Freeman is a legend who inspires many and has established a remarkable place in the Hollywood acting industry for over five decades now. In 1967, he got to perform in Off-Broadway, New York alongside Viveca Lindfors in The Nigger Lovers.

In 1971, Freeman appeared in the kid’s television show- The Electric Company telecasted on PBS. The show made him a well-acclaimed face in America. He continued to work in theater arts alongside some notable appearances in films.

Morgan Freeman Net Worth
Image Credits: Pinterest

The Gone Baby Gone star got his debut role in 1971 Edward Andrew Mann directed the feature film- Who Says I Can’t Ride A Rainbow. He then continued to perform in more film and television projects namely, Attica, Brubaker, Eyewitness, The Atlanta Child Murders, and That Was Then, This Is Now. He worked apace the cast of Another World from 1982 to 1984. The majority of his roles depicted him in fatherly roles and marked a special place in the industry.

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In 1987, the Ted actor tried his hands on action-oriented projects and appeared in Street Smart which marked a turning point in his life. The 85-year-old actor took home three Film Critics Awards for his performance back then. One after another, the Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves lead delivered award-winning masterpieces including Clean and Sober and Driving Miss Daisy. Check out some of the highly acclaimed works that piled up Morgan Freeman net worth:

1Olympus Has Fallen10 Million
2Batman Begins5 Million
3The Dark Knight5 Million
4The Dark Knight Rises5 Million
5Bruce Almighty10 Million
6The Shawshank Redemption300K

(Source: The Things)

The Lucy star also earned huge paychecks for his roles in Seven and The Bucket List. It is said that his movie projects alone earned him over $2 Billion in 2013.

He reportedly earned $5 Million for playing Alex Cross in the mystery film Kiss The Girls. His recent works include the 2020 release of The Comeback Trail and Coming Back To America in 2021 and it is estimated that he takes home nearly $10 Million paycheck for every film presently.

Earnings from Voiceovers & Narrations

Freeman garnered $1 Million for narrating March Of The Penguins. Other notable voiceovers of the US native can be heard in The Lego Movie, Conan the Barbarian, The Love Guru, Alpha, The Civil Wars, and Wars Of The Worlds. Apart from movies, has also done narration and acting in several ad commercials.

Morgan Freeman Net Worth
Image Credits: Milan Records

The Lucy star won a plethora of awards with his narration in several of his projects which include Million Dollar Baby, Magnificent Desolation: Walking on the Moon 3D, and Alpha, among many others.

Earnings From Production House

Morgan Freeman net worth also holds a share from his production company, Revelations Entertainment, that he launched along with Lori McCreary in 1996. The company brought many event-based riveting movies, web series, and documentaries with a mission to reveal the truth. It broke a plethora of records with intriguing projects namely, Bopha!, Under Suspicion, Levity, Madam Secretary, The Last Drop, The Story Of Us With Morgan Freeman among many others. He also executed his directorial skills in many of these art pieces.

After Revelations Entertainment, the Angel Has Fallen fame and McCreary also launched a broadband online movie distribution platform ClickStar. It became a well-acclaimed name in American Film Institute AFI) Awards in 2006. Did you know that ClickStar and Revelations Entertainment share a relationship? ClickStar premiered one of the Revelations Entertainment films, 10 Items Or Less, at the same time it was in theaters. In fact, in 2006, Revelations Entertainment became the first ever film production company that distributed its movie online during its theater release period. ClickStar became inactive in 2008.

Car Collection

Have a look at the car collection that piled up Morgan Freeman net worth: 

1Lamborghini Aventador$400k
2BMW 7 Series$10k
3Ford Mustang GT350$140k
4Toyota Tundra$47k
5Chevrolet Silverado$35k
6Tesla Model X$79k
7GMC Yukon Denali$49k

(Source: The Richest)

Along with these stylish beasts, Freeman also owns three aircraft- Cessna Citation 501, Cessna 414, and an Emivest SJ30.


Morgan Freeman net worth added near around a million dollars or two from his endorsement deals for his impactful acting and earnings. These include- Mountain Dew, the National Kidney Foundation, the Professional Golf Association, Turkish Airlines, and Rebuilding Together.

A plethora of companies including Visa Debit Cards and Sky Timer canceled their marketing projects with Freeman following the allegations of sexual harassment and misconduct with his fellow staff on sets. However, the Screen Actors Guild Life Achievement Award-winning actor denied these allegations.

The Nurse Betty star endorsed Barack Obama’s presidential bid back in 2008, however, he didn’t join the campaign.

Morgan Freeman Houses

The jury member of the 44th Berlin International Film Festival, Freeman, has added quite some acres to his net worth. He owns a ranch in Mississippi that is spread across 124 acres. He converted this land into a sanctuary for preserving the count of bees in the world. The Unforgiven star has a home in NY also.

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Apart from that Morgan Freeman net worth also consists of his ownership of Club Zero in Clarksdale, Mississippi. Previously he had booked Madidi in Mississippi in his name.


A lion’s share of Morgan Freeman net worth has been contributed towards charities. Not just that, he also gets involved in several projects that are inclined toward the betterment of the environment, wildlife, and society.

The Last Vegas fame along with many other renowned personalities including Tom Hanks, Michael Douglas, and Hilary Swank among many others wrote a cookbook, Morgan Freeman And Friends: Caribbean Cooking For A Cause, to help collect donations for Grenada Relief Fund to assist people adversely affected by Hurricane Ivan on the island of Grenada.

As a member of the board of directors of Earth Biofuels, Freeman strongly supports the use of clean fuels in the United States. The actor-turned-producer believes that the development of alternative fuels will save the US economy from entirely depending on oil imports. Plus to that, he also holds the view that biodiesel fuels will help in saving the environment and farmers. He also contributed to the American Red Cross by organizing an online auction for it. 

The Batman Begins actor showed his support for the nice reason for wildlife perseverance by narrating documentaries and clips like March Of The Penguins and  What’s Possible respectively. The Oscar-winning legend turned his 124-acre Mississippi ranch into a beehive to preserve the bees’ population on the planet.

The Nelson Mandela role-player strictly opposed the idea of Black History Month in 2005. He openly made efforts to realize people that racism must be eliminated from the world as he stated, “I don’t want a black history month. Black history is American history.”

To establish the Center For Evidence-Based Policing And Reform, the Batman Begins fame together with Lina Kinda donated $1 Million to the University Of Mississippi in 2021.

Morgan Freeman Wife & Children

Morgan Freeman has been divorced twice. The Empire Award winner tied the knot with Jeanette Adair Bradshaw in 1967. Their marriage came to an end in 1979.

Morgan Freeman Net Worth
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In 1984, Morgan married award-winning Hollywood costume designer- Myrna Colley-Lee. They parted ways after 26 years in 2010. He reportedly gave Myrna Colley-Lee around $200 Million (in cash and property) at the time of separation. It’s also said that she wanted to be awarded $400 Million based on Morgan Freeman net worth at that time and his expected future earnings.

Freeman is the father of 4 kids, namely, Alfonso, Deena, Morgana, and Saifoulaye. The Bucket List actor is single till date.

Awards & Accolades

Apart from million dollars Morgan Freeman net worth and fame, he has also won the below-stated remarkable titles:

  • 1987 Film Critics Award (for Street Smart)
  • 1994 Film Critics Award (for The Shawshank Redemption)
  • 1995 Film Critics Award (for Seven)
  • 1989 Golden Globe Awards (for Driving Miss Daisy)
  • 2004 Academy Awards (for Million Dollar Baby)
  • 2004 Screen Actors Guild Award (for Million Dollar Baby)
  • Received the 2018 Screen Actors Guild Life Achievement Award

Final Words

Morgan Freeman net worth is the result of his hard work and authenticity in acting and narration. He has garnered countless precious awards for his work. The tone and perfection with which he delivers his dialogue have got the audience bound to his presence. Apart from this, he has done quite huge endorsement projects that earned him a $250 Million net worth.

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