8 Jonah Hill Movies You Can’t Miss On

8 Jonah Hill Movies You Can't Miss On

Jonah Hills is one of the most adored comic role-players in Hollywood. His performances have always been uplifting and mood-lightening. Where his heartwarming acting performances usually show the comedian part of his personality, Hill has proven his excellence in the other fields of filmmaking, such as directing, screenwriting, and production. His creativity is on another level, and he has been serving the Hollywood film industry with it for the past two decades. The American actor evolved his film journey as soon as he realized how sincerely he was into it.

If you also want to forget about your troubles and have a burst of heartfelt laughter, dive into the list of Jonah Hill movies.

Hill has presented his work of art through various forms such as writing, acting, and directing. He has also worked in several TV shows and Music Videos as well. His sincerity towards his work is evidently remarkable, and his expressions elevate the fun. So without any further ado, let’s get started….


Here are 8 Jonah Hill movies you certainly shouldn’t miss:-

1. Moneyball (2011)

This one is remarkably the turning point in the list of Jonah Hill movies. Generally, actors are often offered to work in the same genres restricting them from evolving across other ones. But, Hill didn’t let it be the case and exhibited that he wasn’t afraid to take the leap and absconded from what people viewed as his comfort zone. Sharing screen with Brad Pitt in this Bennet Miller directed sports-story, Hill’s excellent performance as Peter Brand (American Football Executive who has also led the team of Cleveland Browns at NFL) grabbed the attention of big industry names like Joaquin Phoenix and Martin Scorsese.

8 Jonah Hill Movies You Can't Miss On

The effortless performance of Jonah Hill in this movie can be enjoyed on Prime Video, Apple TV, Netflix and Hulu.

2. The Wolf Of The Wall Street (2013)

Starring apace with Leonardo DiCaprio, Jonah Hill made a blast in this movie which brought out the tricks and trades of the capitalistic world of the 80s. Hill played his role with exceptional fortitude combining all of the wits that he acquired over time in his career and presenting the dramatic side as good as the comedic. Directed by Martin Scorsese, The Wolf Of The Wall Street fetched Hill a place in the nominations of Oscar Awards 2013 and Dallas- Fort Worth Film Critics Award for Best Supporting Actor, whereas he garnered the MTV Movies Award 2014 for Best Comedic Performance.

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Watch out for this epic storyline on Hulu, or get it on Prime Video.

3. War Dogs (2016)

Based on factual events, this one of Jonah Hill movies gives glimpses of light comedy in dark scenarios of life. Hill and Miles together grab the opportunity they see in the government initiative, which opens doors for small businesses to bid on US military contracts during an ongoing war with Iraq. The duo is quite thrilled with the gains, but as soon as they enter a 300 million USD deal, the scenario changes. The story takes many twists and turns as they come across many suspicious people and deceitful acts on their business journey. Hill was nominated for Golden Globes Award (2016) for Best Actor- Motion Picture Musical or Comedy for his performance in this movie.

Watch Hill’s super performance in War Dogs on Netflix, Prime Video and Vudu.

4. 21 Jump Street (2012)

Apart from acting, Hill also served as the story writer of this movie. This film is a funny flip which puts the two boys, Jenko and Schmidt, into the school era again as they have been assigned a secret mission to fetch the drug dealer. Though as undercover officers, both are on board to relive the school life once more with swapped IDs and backpacks in their hands rather than guns. It is quite amusing to see how Hill and Channing Tatum handle each other’s tantrums at the same time balancing the school assignments and the tense mission. The film fetched approximately more than three times its budget at the Box Office and earned Hill MTV Movie Awards 2012 for multiple categories, namely Best Comedy Performance, Best Gut-Wrenching Performance, Best Fight and Best Cast. The film did so well that its makers couldn’t hold back from bringing up its sequel, which we’re going to discuss next. So scroll down a little to know about that….

This one is readily available on Vudu, Peacock, and Prime Video.

5. 22 Jump Street (2014)

Once again, the duo of Channing and Hill are up to expose a drug dealer, but this time they have been promoted as the movie places them in a college. This one of the Jonah Hill movies is enough to let you savour the perfectly baked humorous twitch, bromance, and smoking-hot action. For viewers, the first movie was a hit, but the sequel was full of twists and turns, which left them amused. Hill won Teen Choice Award 2014 for this movie and shared Young Hollywood Award 2014 for Best Bromance with Channing Tatum.

8 Jonah Hill Movies You Can't Miss On

You can enjoy this friendly comedy film on Netflix, Apple TV and Prime Video.

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6. Superbad (2007)

Based on the life of two not-so-cool friends, Seth and Evan, this one of Jonah Hill movies stars him apace Michael Cera. The movie presents their hard struggle while the duo made several attempts to change the perception of their mates about them both and end up in deep waters.

Enjoy Jonah’s hilarious comic timing in this movie on Prime Video, Vudu, Apple TV, and Google Play.

7. Cyrus (2010)

This 2010 movie surpasses the only comic roleplay enthusiast of Hill as it revolves around the world of a small family trying to make bits fit in their relations. As like any other Jonah Hill movies, this one will also uplift you with the actor’s comic timing plus the affectionate bond he shares with his divorced mother, played by Marisa Tomie and his father, played by John C. Reilly. As the couple tries to develop along with time, it’s interesting to watch how Hill tries to deal with his insecurities and becomes a saboteur of their relationship.

You can watch it on iTunes, Vudu, Prime Video & Google Play.

8. Mid90s (2018)

Jonah Hill made his directorial debut with the Mid90s, released at Toronto International Film Festival 2018. While Hill himself is not on the screen, his written and directed piece took cues from his own life, which the audience found very relatable. The Mid90s revolves around the life of a 13-year-old boy- Stieve, who has trouble getting along with his older brother and mother, who actually complete his family world. The movie has showcased the thriving attempts Stieve makes to win the quests of acceptance in life.

Stieve goes the whole nine yards to be in line with his friends with whom he enjoyed skateboarding from the time they met at Motors Avenue and indulges in wrongful activities which make him stand in deep waters.

8 Jonah Hill Movies You Can't Miss On

This A24 movie will make you feel nostalgic and also will change the perception that Jonah Hill can only make you go laughing. This movie can be watched on Showtime and Hulu and can be purchased or rented for a watch at Apple TV, Vudu and Prime Video.

Hill has also performed as a voice-over artist in several animated movies as well to name a few, Horton Hears a Who!, How To Train Your Dragon, Megamind, Legend of the Boneknapper Dragon, and The Lego Movie. With his quirky and funny performances, Hill was among the highest-paid actors of 2014 and 2015.


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