Dr. Dre Admitted to the Hospital Due to Brain Aneurysm

dr. dre

Dr. Dre, the legendary rapper, went to the hospital for treatment of a brain aneurysm. Andre Romelle Young is his actual name, and he is a famous hip-hop artist and a very successful producer.

According to TMZ, he was in Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Los Angeles. He was there from Monday. The rapper was at his Pacific Palisades when he had a brain aneurysm. Initially, he was in intensive care but then shifted to a normal unit.

Dr. Dre posted about his recovery to his fans

He took his Instagram account, saying that he was fit and fine. All the medical staff is very much looking after him for his recovery. His attorney said to the Billboard that Dr. Dre was taking rest in all comforts after that aneurysm occurred.

Dr. Dre posted on Instagram saying that he would leave the hospital soon and be at his home as soon as he recovered. He thanked all the medical staff for their consistent effort.

Colleagues and celebrity friends wished him for sooner recovery

Ice Cube wrote on Twitter that he sent his love to his ex-band member. He hoped for Dr. Dre’s wiser health. They were in the NWA together in the 1980s. The band gained popularity for its amazing hip-hop hits.

Snoop Dogg posted on Instagram that everyone needs Dr. Dre because all love him. Dr. Dre found the talented Snoop Dogg in the 1990s.

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Missy Elliott wishes Dr. Dre and the family more strength. She hoped the legendary Reppert gets well soon. Ciara Princess Wilson also wished for Dr. Dre’s quick recovery.

Dr. Dre’s contribution to the hip-hop world

Dr. Dre contributed a lot as a solo Rapper and when he was with the NWA band. He recorded many of his performances with famous recording labels. He also played a crucial part in other rappers’ careers like Kendrick Lamar, 50 Cent, and Eminem. The legendary rapper Dre won multiple Grammys. The other collaborators of him like Mary J Blige and Gwen Stefani.

Doctors believed that Dr. Dre is very lucky that he had survived an aneurysm. It is a severe condition that bulges a small area and weekend an artery.

Aneurysm symptoms are visible when the burst occurs in the brain. The constant bleeding happens due to the burst inside the brain. It is a fatal condition that can cause death or some neurological issues.

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