Arpita Khan

Arpita Khan

Arpita Khan (Sharma) is the sister of Bollywood superstar Salman Khan. Her story is an emotional one because she is not biologically related to the Khan family. According to trusted sources, Salim Khan and wife Salma Khan had found a little girl on the footpath crying beside her dead mother. The couple decided to pick her up and adopt her as their daughter. They named her Arpita, and she became the youngest of all the five children in the family. Over time, she also became the most loved part of the family, and her brothers love her deeply.

Arpita is especially the favorite of Salman Khan, and he reportedly still treats her as a small child. Salim Khan and family left no stone unturned to provide for Arpita, and also sent her abroad for her higher studies. Now, she is a married woman and a mother of two. Later, her superstar brother arranged a grand wedding for her in the royal Falaknuma Palace. It was a dream wedding that was done following Hindu rituals. Her social media accounts are filled with beautiful pictures of her lavish lifestyle. Besides, the pictures of her with her husband and children are adorable.


Personal life

  • Birth: Arpita Khan was born on August 1, 1989, as per official documents. she was born in Maharashtra, India. She is currently 30 years old.
  • Physical stats: She is 5 feet and 3 inches tall and weighs 154 lbs. She has naturally Dark Brown eyes and her original hair color is black.
  • Education: Arpita completed her schooling in Mumbai, and was sent to England for her higher education. She pursued a degree in Marketing and Fashion Management from the London College of Fashion, London, England.
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  • Parents: She is a foster child of Salim Khan and Salma Khan. Arpita has two foster mothers, and the other one is Salim Khan’s second wife, Helen.
  • Siblings: She is the youngest to four other siblings. Her brothers are Arbaaz Khan, Salman Khan, and Sohail Khan. She also has an elder sister, Alvira Khan. Her brothers are all famous Bollywood actors, directors, and producers. Besides, Alvira Khan is married to another director, Atul Agnihotri.
  • Marriage: After dating Arjun Kapoor for a couple of years, Arpita went on to marry Ayush Sharma. He was a budding model and the son of a Cabinet Minister of Himachal Pradesh. Ayush was later launched in Bollywood by Arpita’s brother Salman Khan. He is also a businessman and leads a lavish lifestyle. His 15-crore bungalow in Mumbai is a massive property and shows his million-dollar net worth. Besides, Arpita Khan is the most loved member of the Khan family, and her brother Salman gifted her a Rolls Royce on her wedding. Arpita and Ayush have two children together. Their son is named Ahil Sharma, and his daughter is Ayat Sharma.


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