Have A Look At Former PGA Tour Fame Dustin Johnson’s Net Worth

Have A Look At Former PGA Tour Fame Dustin Johnson's Net Worth

The 38-year-old American golfer, DJ (Dustin Hunter Johnson), left the world staggered when he recently disclosed his decision to bid PGA Tour an adieu to team up with LIV Golf for its upcoming tournament series that is about to take place the next week. The deal reportedly fetched him over 125 Million USD from Saudi Arabia’s sovereign wealth fund.


This move of DJ came out as a total bizarre for his fanbase and golf adorers, the reason being nobody had a clue that he would change his mind so soon and would part ways with the PGA Tour. The professional American on-field golfer has garnered much acclaim and wealth but is now in controversies that took birth out of his decision. On this note, netizens are gauging Dustin Johnson’s net worth.

Dustin Johnson’s Net Worth

Golf became DJ’s profession in 2007, and Dustin Johnson’s net worth stands at 100 Million USD as per celebrity net worth. He has been serving the field with his fingers to bones, and this article will throw light on what comprises Dustin Johnson net worth:


  • Earnings From Golf Career

Dustin’s golf career took the flight to touch heights of the sky right from the time he earned 14th rank in qualifying school in 2007. He became a part of the PGA Tour and started raking in big titles from the very same year. One after another triumph, Dustin went on to sway his golf destiny with his sincere efforts, and he reportedly garnered over 73 Million USD from playing for the PGA Tour alone, which made him secure a place among the top five highest-earning golfers globally. 

Have A Look At Former PGA Tour Fame Dustin Johnson's Net Worth

Dustin Johnson’s net worth had been escalating throughout his tenure at the PGA Tour, and his winnings are enough to suffice this fact. By 2011, his earnings upturned him to position 4 in terms of global earnings. It’s totally exquisite that the golfer earned such a massive net worth in such a short time span. But the upcoming years made Dustin Johnson net worth dwindle drastically, the reason being he needed some time to get past “personal challenges.” In almost no time, rumors of his suspension from PGA became spreading like a forest fire, but the PGA stated that it was not the case and the player is actually taking a break.

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Dustin was back in the game in 2015, garnering 1570000 USD from WGC-Cadillac Championship, securing the seventh rank in world rankings. The two-time PGA Tour Player of The Year has won 2 Majors and 9 European Tour as well.


  • FedEx Cup Winnings

Have A Look At Former PGA Tour Fame Dustin Johnson's Net Worth

In 2020, Dustin became the holder of the FedEx Cup Championship and did hit two birds with one stone as he just didn’t garner such a prestigious title but also pocketed 15 Million USD prize money which, if reckoned altogether with his PGA Tour proceeds and endorsement proceeds would make him the 3rd highest-earning golfer of all time.


  • Endorsements

Dustin Johnson net worth isn’t just made out of golf earnings alone. The prominent American golfer has been the face of many pre-eminent brands for a long time, including Adidas, TaylorMade, Hublot, NetJets, Perfect Practice, and BodyArmor. As per Golf Magazine, every single endorsement fetches him around 11 Million USD.


A plethora of sources also report that each appearance Dustin made for his endorsements yielded him 3 Million USD separately. As per Sportico, after Coca-Cola wholly acquired BodyArmor after signing a 5.6 Million USD deal, Dustin’s share in the brand escalated by around 6 Million USD.


  • Houses

South Carolina happens to be the natal home of Dustin. The former PGA Tour golfer resides in a million-dollar mansion in Palm Beach Gardens (Florida). He did shed off 4.95 Million USD on this Florida-based house in 2015, which is equipped with a private island altogether with other avant-garde amenities. In the subsequent year, his bank balance pilled-up with 3.85 Million USD that he yielded from sales proceeds of one of his North Palm houses that comes with exquisite amenities like a spa, swimming pool, and a wine cellar.


He reportedly did shell out around 3 Million USD on another sweet home in Florida in 2016, which leads the way through a waterfront and also has a built-in private dock.


  • Car Collection

Dustin owns a plethora of exquisite car models, including BMW, Mercedes Benz SLS, and Audi 6.

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  • Dustin Johnson Shop

Dustin adores acing the style game with expensive clothing. The erstwhile World Number 1 owns an online retail golf store where his signature tees, headcovers, and caps are traded.


RBC’s Sponsorship

The Royal Bank of Canada (RBC), which was formerly a primary source of sponsorship for Dustin, recently cut all ties with the player after the proclamation of his involvement in the LIV Golf Invitational Series’ inaugural event got publicized. The event did take place in London on 9 June 2022.



Dustin also bestows his hard-earned for social upliftment. He established his foundation- Dustin Johnson Foundation, to sponsor the gaming requirements of the young athletes of Myrtle Beach. The golfer, acclaimed for holding the title of No. 1 ranking for 135 weeks in a row, also set up DJ Golf School to impart practical golf skills to sports enthusiasts at the same time, making it plausible for them to compete on platforms like PGA.

Have A Look At Former PGA Tour Fame Dustin Johnson's Net Worth

Apart from this, Dustin has also played in charity matches which bestowed their proceeds for social causes. He bestowed the charity funds amounting to 3 Million USD to a plethora of organizations to combat Covid-19.


Dustin is known for his avant-garde golf skills, and he is crazily cherished among golf lovers. It wasn’t soon enough after the former PGA fame showcased disparity in his thoughts by leaving the PGA Tour and doing exactly the opposite of what he had said previously. Now, this indicates that he can’t go for the upcoming Ryder Cup. As a matter of fact, PGA declared that it had closed the doors for players who moved to join in the rival series and would continue to do the same. The Saudi-backed series with 25 Million USD prize money has swayed the decision of a plethora of players, including Lee Westwood, Phil Mickelson, and Ian Poulter, among others.


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