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linda hamilton net worth

Linda (Carroll) Hamilton owes her fame as an actress to her portrayal of Sarah Connor in the first two films of the Terminator series and to her performance as Catherine in the series TV Beauty and the Beast alongside Ron Perlman. Linda’s twin sister Leslie works alongside her as a stunt double in the second Terminator movie. Suffering from bipolar disorder, Linda decides to make her problem public to give a voice to those who share this pathology and help scientific research. From this content, you will know about linda hamilton net worth. Without further any talk, let’s get started.

Everything you need to know about Linda hamilton net worth

As of 2022, the American actress Linda Hamilton net worth is estimated to be within 70 to $80 million. Linda hamilton marries and divorces twice (from 1997 to 1999 with director James Cameron), and has a child from both marriages. With James Cameron, however, her relationship begins long before their wedding. The two had been dating since the Terminator days, and their daughter, Josephine Archer Cameron, was born on February 15, 1993. Following a relationship with the director on the Titanic set, Linda gets a divorce and 50 million dollars reaching. Thus, the 7th place in the top ten of VIP divorces drawn up by the magazine “Forbes.”


Even Hollywood stars have secrets they don’t like to share. Small things, like old relationships or simple quirks, pop up somehow and are therefore forced to confess. After all, being a celebrity is also this. Taking into account that privacy is an entirely random concept. On the one hand, many buffaloes go around the golden world of entertainment, on the other hand. We often get it right. Or that they tell the truth.

Education of Linda hamilton

Born in Salisbury, Maryland, USA, Linda studied for two years after high school at Washington College in Chestertown, Maryland, before acting studies in New York. In New York, he participated in acting seminars held by Lee Strasberg. Her first few parts were small parts of the TV series, with her most significant break with her role, Terminator (1984). Best known to the general public for his part in the TV series Beauty and the Beast (1987) (formerly Terminator 2 – Judgment Day (1991), at least).

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Linda Hamilton today

To play Sarah Connor again, Linda Hamilton went through some challenging training. He followed a strict diet for a year with a specific program to achieve a lean and defined physique. A goal that, at the age of 61, required a lot of dedication. The actress relied on Mackie Shilstone, an expert athletic trainer who defined her as one of his best students at the end of the training program.

Initially, the actress was gripped by many doubts and worries, mainly due to the age factor and the fear of the inevitable confrontation between Linda Hamilton 28 years ago and Linda Hamilton today. But he faced the athletic training with immense commitment, finally managing to obtain more than satisfactory results.


Linda hamilton does not shower.

According to the media, there has often been talking of the actor‘s aversion to the shower to avoid polluting the environment with soap and wasting too much water.

Version never confirmed by the sex symbol. Yet, at the time of filming Inglourious Basterds. Somehow confirmed the tabloid’s contention.

According to Eli Roth, his colleague in the film, “Linda hamilton,” told me when you sweat and don’t have time to shower. The best thing is to run a baby wipe under your armpits.” The actress represents the erotic dream of several people, but would it be the same if they lived together? Judging by what she says herself, no:I’m a terrible roommate. I don’t clean and I leave my clothes everywhere, in every part of the house where I take off my clothes. And then always forget to flush the toilet. ” In short, in the end it turns out that Brian Austin Green is not all that lucky (or maybe he goes on thanks to a great maid).


Linda Hamilton and ex-husband James Cameron

Terminator – Dark Destiny marks the return of James Cameron. The director of the first two films is present as producer and scriptwriter. Cameron and Hamilton married until 1999. When she filed for divorce over an affair with the director on Titanic’s set.

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When her ex-husband contacted her about the Terminator 6 project, she turned down her calls. Only when he realized it was work – on the third phone call – did he decide to call him back! Upon learning of her intentions to re-propose Sarah Connor’s character, Hamilton thought a lot before accepting. She wasn’t sure she could still give the audience anything in those guises.

Real Estate

Linda purchased a 25-acre parcel of land in Lucketts, Virginia, for $998,000 in 2012. 2016 saw her sell this home for $1.3 million.

She has a number of residences in Los Angeles in the past. She made $4 million through the sale of a Malibu property in 2012. When the house was first listed, she asked for $5.5 million.

She also has a townhouse in New Orleans and a $850,000 seaside home close to Sarasota, Florida.

Final word on Linda hamilton net worth

Linda Carroll Hamilton (Salisbury (Maryland), September 26, 1956) is an American actress. Linda hamilton net worth is estimated in between $70 to $80 million as of 2022. She was selected for her role in the series Beauty. The Beast nominated for one in both 1988 and 1989 Golden Globe. Then she again for the television film A Mother’s Prayer in 1996. More than five other acting awards were given to her. actually awarded, including a Saturn in front of Terminator 2. Judgment Day Award and a Satellite Award for the television film The Color of Courage.


Linda hamilton is one of the best celebrity in all over the world. We should know about this celebrity. This person has a great value on manay sector. She is not only a actor but also a successfull businessman on the world. So, guys if you need more info about her, feel free to message us on the inbox. Now i would like to know from you which things you didn’t know before. By leaving a comment below the post. Thanks for reading.

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