Gamming apps for kids and parents

Gamming apps for kids and parents

IOS is one of the most popular brands when it comes to electronic devices. The iOS store is full of apps and games that are suitable for all. Some are meant for entertainment, while others have an element of educational purpose in them. With the high rate that technology is expanding, it is challenging to keep the kids away from these devices. Phones and tablets are among the devices that most kids own at a very you age. Technology is a strong force that we cannot easily wish away. The best way to deal with it is to embrace it and find it to make good use of it. There are hundreds of thousands of useful games that you, as a parent, can get for your kids. Here is some game that you can play with your kids.


Mr. Shingu’s Paper Zoo


It is a product of Stormcloud games that allows children to craft paper animals virtually. A parent can help their toddlers make lions, pandas, owls, pelicans, snakes, and many more. This app helps boost the child’s imagination and edicates them how to use paper sheets on a screen. Later they can transfer what they learn in the game to the real paper. You can find most of them on article service

Curious George’s Town


This game is similar to Farmville. It is not only meant for kids alone. Even parents can enjoy it. In the game, the player will use the virtual currency to build a virtual town. This game is free, and you will not need any extra fees for upgrades. It is the perfect game to teach children how to save and equip them to survive in the real world.

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Toy Story: Smash It!


This game draws its inspiration from Angry Birds. It is a 3D game where the player destroys aliens and smashes things. It uses Buzz’s character that keeps throwing balls to smash alien’s glass, trains, and bricks. You earn points when you knock them down. It is an exciting game since different balls have a different special effect. 


Formula Cartoon All-stars


This game is geared towards touching the nerves of the kids. Since kids love cartoons, the game was created because kids love cartoons and enjoy playing with their preferred characters. In this game, you get to race with cartoon characters such as Kevin, Marceline, Finn, Rigby, Skips, or Gumball. The game is exciting since the competition is fierce, and you get to use bubble gum, tomato, and ice cube attacks and use incredible power-ups to boost the vehicle’s speed. Kids can make their cars using more than 100 pieces. It makes the kids creative and enhances their imagination.


Disney Infinity Toybox


 This game has all the well-known Disney characters. That alone is reason enough to get the kids excited. The game lets the player use Disney characters to build worlds. 




This game lets the layer build a dinosaur park from the ground up. When you fully understand the features and how to play, you will find it very exciting. It is a good game for parents to play together with their toddlers to teach them how to do it. The game help kids gain a sense of responsibility and understand saving and dealing with business.

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Let the kids play with these apps and expand their sense of creativity and imagination. Parents should be there to regulate the level of access and assist the have fun and learn.

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