Tourist Destinations Now Open for Business

tourist destinations for business

Are you tired of being stuck inside your national borders? Are you dreaming of the outside world and where you can travel once it is safe to do so? Well, we might just have some good news for you. There are already many places around the world that have opened their borders for tourists, and from what we can tell, there aren’t too many restrictions for activity in these places either.

With this in mind, let us give you something to look forward to, and show you some of the top places that are now open for business.


As you are probably aware, Italy was one of the hardest-hit nations by the coronavirus over the last few months. At one point, it just seemed like the country would be totally overwhelmed, yet they have bounced back and managed to regain some sort of normality of late. As luck would have it, Italy is now one of the very first countries to fully open its borders to tourists again. In an interesting turn of events, Sicily has even proclaimed that they will cover up to 50% of flight costs for tourists, and even up to 33% of hotel rates.

This is all in an effort to get the tourism economy moving again, and they really do need it. If you are considering going to see some of the more prestigious tourism places in Italy, you’ll be pleased to know that the Vatican and St. Peter’s Basilica is now fully open for business. The Italian soccer league – Serie A has also returned, the games are played in front of empty stadiums but you can still bet. With all of this in mind, Italy is definitely a place that is looking promising to visit in 2020.

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If you slide West across the Mediterranean from Italy, you will find the second most desirable location that is now open for business, in the form of Portugal. Much like Italy, Portugal is one of the first nations in Europe to have reopened its borders for tourism (Full list). The only condition is that people may be subject to some health checks at the airport when landing. Specifically, people may have their temperature tested and if they are exhibiting symptoms of coronavirus, they may be taken away for an additional test.

Needless to say, one would hope that if anyone was exhibiting symptoms they would not travel there anyway! However, COVID-19 is a crafty virus, so you just never really know what is going on. On a chirpier note, many of Portugal’s hot spots such as the camping Algarve are now ready to receive visitors again, and places such as beaches, parks, and the museums are fully open to the general public.


Initially, it seemed like Greece was going to be one of the more hostile nations concerning receiving visitors again. Just a few weeks ago the government was making a stand that no international travelers would be welcomed, but it would seem that the government has now changed its mind on this. This isn’t entirely surprising really considering how dependent Greece is on international tourism, so now its airports are open and ready to receive foreign tourists again.

In an effort to try and increase tourism interest in Greece, the government has even announced plans to reduce the VAT paid on tourism activities. Specifically, they have voiced their intentions to cut VAT on transportation both to Greece and while traveling around Greece. This will include, of course, flights, buses, trains, cabs, and other modes of transportation. The good news is that this will make traveling to Greece quite cheap over the coming months, which is another reason why Greece is such a great place to visit.

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On top of this, you obviously have the fantastic Mediterranean weather that Greece is famous for. Temperatures can regularly soar into the high 30s, and after many months of being kept indoors, this sounds like an ideal remedy for anybody.


These are just three of the many countries that are now opening their borders for international tourism. Since the virus is constantly changing and new threats seem to be popping up here and there, the regulations are constantly changing. At the time of writing, this information is fully accurate, however, we would advise checking in before making any travel plans. This will ensure that you do not waste money and that you can enjoy a nice relaxing vacation, without any worries.

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