Oprah Winfrey Relief Helps Vulnerable People in Distressed Places

Oprah Winfrey Relief

Most of us are in quarantine in our homes and we still want to do something to fight the Coronavirus. Oprah Winfrey is one such celebrity who wants to join the fight against COVID-19. She is releasing monetary relief to all the cities where she lived. Oprah Winfrey relief amounts to 12 million dollars which will be used to combat Coronavirus. The Oprah Winfrey Charitable Foundation is the entity through which she will be donating this amount. She is donating the money to organizations that committed to helping the vulnerable communities. This relief fund is sure to bring some much-needed respite to a lot of people in 6 cities.


Oprah Winfrey relief benefits

Oprah announced on May 20 that she is committing this amount to all the cities where she’s lived. These cities are Mississippi, Chicago, Nashville, Baltimore, Tennessee, Kosciusko, and Milwaukee. Out of all these cities, Mississippi was where Oprah was born.

She announced that the virus is not going to just go away. Even after it subsides it will leave a cranage in its wake. People are going to be out of jobs and many lives will be devastated. There will be people with no money and people who have lost all their savings. These people will be needing help. She also said that she was announcing this publicly so that others with means come forward to help. Oprah called upon people to look around in their vicinity and help those who are suffering. She said that neighborhoods must come together to assist each other and ease the pain.

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Oprah highlighted that she isn’t against large companies or organizations distributing monetary sums. She said that she prefers to work at the grassroots herself. She wants to help victims of domestic violence, people coming out of prison, and people who are going hungry. Oprah also aims to help people get better access to medical facilities and testing. These are times when compassion and understanding are going a long way.

Oprah also said we all must start from our backyard. She told everyone how she touched the lives of her own family first. She reached out to those in her family who were losing jobs or suffering due to the Coronavirus in any way. Oprah said that she started from within her family and then worked outwards. It is hypocrisy if your own family can’t pay bills and you go out to help others. Hence, she asked everyone to check up on their extended families and help them first. Before donating millions, Oprah first ensured her own family had nothing to worry about.


Final Thoughts

Some of you may not believe in handouts and may think that people need to sustain themselves. Granted that a handout is a temporary measure that will only help for a short time. These are unprecedented circumstances and Oprah’s donation is sure to touch a lot of lives. A lot of people will have a few moments of comfort just because she had the means and she contributed to the community.

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