Exploring Some Popular Escape Room Themes

There are a number of elements that come together to create an escape room experience.

Some of the obvious examples are…

  • The room decor & props and the special effects – which play a key role in creating immersion.
  • The puzzles & puzzle pieces and the clues – which both deepen immersion and create the suspense, by making it a challenge for the team to accomplish their “mission”.
  • The host, game master and in-room actors (if any) – who introduce the team to the game, and guide them through it, lending a helping hand if necessary.

But those aren’t the elements that we’re going to discuss here.

Instead, we’re going to take a look at the core piece of the puzzle – the thread that holds the entire experience together – the storyline and theme.

After all, if there weren’t a storyline and theme, it wouldn’t be so much an “escape room adventure” as it would be “list of puzzles waiting to be solved”, right?

So, in this blog post, we will explore some of the most popular escape room game themes of 2023.

Action adventures

Action adventures

Taking a page from the blockbuster movie genre, these escape games plunge players into the thick of a high-stakes incident, where you will literally feel the clock ticking down.

Every second counts.

These games pulsate with adrenaline and are perfect for escapers who crave heart-pounding missions with an imminent showdown.

If you’re a fan of hard thrills, quick planning and on-the-spot decision-making, these adventures will captivate you for sure.

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Jail Break, an escape game offered by the well-known toms river escape room Solve The Room, is a prime example of an action-adventure escape room.

In the game, you’ll find yourself incarcerated in a supermax prison. You have 60 minutes to break out – or you’ll be transported to a black site. Can you do it?

(Modern) Historical escapades

US history – even if you stick to modern history, turning the clock back by just over a century – is peppered with enthralling episodes.

One of those would have to be the Prohibition Era, where the foundations for numerous interesting incidents was laid.

From illegally operating bars to hardboiled detectives trying to crack down on crime, many aspects of the time have found their way into escape room games.

Escape The Bar, another Solve The Room game, is a prime example of this theme. You and your friends have to evade a police raid and escape a Prohibition-era bar.

Mythical and supernatural quests

Mythical and supernatural quests

These game themes draw inspiration from ancient legends and folklore. They offer you a chance to tread into the unknown and challenge your ability to remain calm while solving puzzles and racing to finish the quest in time.

A good example of a mythical quest is the escape room nyc quest Game of Gold, where you encounter dragons and magic as you seek to save a kingdom from being swallowed by an evil enemy.

An adventure that’s more supernatural is Solve The Room’s Pharaoh’s Tomb where you have to enter an Egyptian tomb and find out why an archaeologist vanished within…

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Ready for an adventure?

Which of these themes tickles your fancy?

Or do you have a different choice altogether?

Search for other escape rooms, and explore all the games they have. Choose one whose them you love, and book it!

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