Rating Of The Most Mindless Devices For Gamers

Today, gamers have a wide range of different devices. The market is overflowing with different add-ons to the basic devices. But not all of them are necessary and useful, and some of them are even a waste of time and money. Therefore, we present below examples of various popular gadgets and conclusions about their effectiveness and necessity for amateur and professional gamers.

What Accessories are Popular Now?

There are more and more accessories on the market, both for professional and amateur gamers and the unaware person can easily spend more than a hundred dollars on useless additions to the gaming equipment. At the moment, the leaders in the accessories section are the following products:

  • Finger pads touch.
  • Game sleeves.
  • Stand for the device.
  • Mousepads.
  • Second monitor.

If some of them are logical acquisitions, others will seem very strange and unreasonable. Now let’s understand the relevance of each of them.

Finger pads

This item is very controversial. It is not recognized as a necessary thing for every gamer, but it is still at the top of the list of popular products for some reason. Like any finger pads, they are designed to protect your fingers when actively playing, this applies to both playing with a keyboard, and playing on a touch screen, such as a phone or tablet. There are discussions about the necessity of this accessory among gamers. Most gamers consider them to be just a trinket that has no practical value and that they can even interfere with the gamer. However, some gamers declare that this accessory prolongs the life of your keyboard or screen and even helps the player to avoid slipping of the fingers during the game.

Gaming Sleeves

In recent years, this item of clothing is gaining popularity not only among beginners and amateurs, but also among professionals, that can be noticed in the latest recordings from cybersports tournaments. The purpose of this product is to prevent slipping on the table or mousepad, also, some physicians emphasize that these sleeves improve blood circulation, although, obviously, there are those who prove the harm of such accessories. The problem is that most often, synthetic fabrics are used for such sleeves, which do not allow the skin on the hand to breathe. For this reason, mesh inserts are often used. It is true that a game sleeve can affect a player’s efficiency by allowing him to strain his arm less, but there probably won’t be any, even amateur research on this topic. . It is up to you to decide whether they are worth using, and the table below allows you to weigh the pros and cons of using such sleeves.

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Advantages  Minuses
Promotes blood circulation. Synthetic material is used. 
Reduces muscle tension. Skin on the arm does not breathe.
Quicker recovery after physical activity.  Medical reports may be controversial.
Reduces slipping on the surface. Overpriced.


The manufacturers of such sleeves claim that they can be used not only to relieve stress during the games, but also for everyday wear. Although such sleeves will hardly bring you a lot of money, but Slots Empire casino login will successfully cope with it. There, you will not only have a good time, but also get bonuses after registration. 

Stand for the Device

Stand for different devices can have a decorative benefit, being used as a decoration specifically for the device, as well as a practical one, cooling or charging the device. In general, in all cases this accessory can not be considered really useful, because the power of such stands generally leaves much to be desired. However, if you always wanted a luminous addition to your desktop, which can recharge or cool your device, then this product is for you! However, when buying it, you should consider its compatibility with certain electronics. You can read about the characteristics of laptops ( this product is most often bought for) here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Laptop. 

Mouse Pads

This is probably the most popular and really useful device, which everyone had, both the gamer and the average computer user. Its effectiveness is not even necessary to prove, because it is obvious. The pad improves the friction of the mouse on its surface, making the work at the computer more silent. Such an accessory will also protect your desk from unnecessary scratches. 

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However, it is possible to say a lot of good and bad things about any of the above products. For instance, experienced gamers declare that mouse pads are a thing of the past and they not only take up unnecessary space on your desk, but also interfere with the player’s performance and can lead to errors. However, it’s not obvious and mostly depends on the personal preferences of the player and his computer mouse. 

Second Monitor

This is quite an expensive luxury for an average gamer and this device has no particular practical purpose, as it is usually purchased either for beauty or for streaming shows so that it would be more convenient to communicate with the audience. In addition, such a purchase can harm your eyes, as you can read more about here: https://www.cnn.com/2013/11/12/health/upwave-computer-eyes/index.html

Such device is not suitable for amateur gamers, but may be useful for professional eSports. However, the gamer who wants to buy such a device should be ready to purchase special equipment in order not to overload his computer unit and the processor, which further increases the price of this device.


Any accessory can become indispensable for a particular gamer, so it is impossible to judge these or other devices objectively, since every player has his own needs and desires. However, we can sum up the results subjectively and decide which devices are worth the cost and tested by time, and which are better not to waste your time and money. 

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