Most Popular Songs Used In Slots


Online Cricket Betting ID and the music they use generally tend to add to the gaming experience of the player, making it exciting and engaging all at the same time. Many slot games will use some classical tracks that refer to gambling, make the references due to them resonating so well with the theme of gambling, and can help set the mood of the gamblers. Essentially, they can add to their morale overall if anything. 

An article on online casino music in Japan that we have, showcases exactly how the music varies and changes up, depending on the culture and location. Japan certainly has its own music culture, which reflects greatly on its casino games too! Additionally, further one within our article, more on the now and current music culture used within slots will be covered. Maybe you never took notice of it, but overall, it does add to your entertainment overall regardless. 

Guns N’Roses

Guns N’Roses’ music genre is the epitome of rock and living your life freely with no inhibitions. So, it definitely should not surprise you to know that there is a slot game that is themed and based all around Guns N’Roses most popular playlists! Within the game, you will hear the most classical songs that people have favoured from all over the world, in addition to one of the most popular songs ‘Oh Sweet Child O’Mine’ within the background of your slot gaming Cricket ID. What is more motivational than some of the classic legendary songs of our time?

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Kiss is another top band within music, and because of their favouritism in the industry, you can actually play their very own slot game which happens to take huge inspiration from this rock band. The slot game itself has over 100 paylines, and where there are many opportunities to win, there are also chances to listen to top songs from Kiss’ selection, such as ‘I Was Made For Lovin’ You’ and ‘Deuce’. There is something about listening to rock and roll and gambling, that just makes you feel undefeatable.

Elvis Presley 

Elvis is obviously a singer that is massively resonated by the gambling community, due to his songs practically making gambling culture what it is today. Viva Las Vegas is a song that many gamblers can listen to and really gear themselves up towards gambling, especially when it comes to gambling on Vegas classical slots games, or in Vegas itself (if you are lucky enough to do so). There is nothing more valued and idolised within the gambling community than Elvis Presley and his constant references to gambling culture. It’s what made him a national treasure, but also has his own selection of classical slot games too!


Last but not least, we have Motorhead, a typical classical rock band from English culture. NetEnt created a slot devoted entirely to the cause of this legendary rock band, and the slot game itself will playback some of the most memorable songs within their history, as well as some memorable and authentic footage from the tours and concerts over the years. If you are wanting a connection to some historical moments from Motorheads history, the NetEnt slot would certainly be a way to go about it.

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