Do Celebrity Men Date Plus Size Women?


Some people in our society take offence to being called “fat” mainly because of the word’s contentious history. But if we drop the pejorative “fat” in favor of something more positive like “chubby” or “curvy girl,” we give those men who swoon over women of all shapes and sizes a brand new, more endearing moniker! 

In any case, thousands of guys out there have a thing for curvy women, and quite interestingly, many celebrities also include the list.

Why Are BBW Girls So Attractive?

You have to accept that there’s something special about BBW girls that makes them a favorite of celebrities. The first reason men are drawn to dating plus-sized women is that they’re attracted to the curves on a woman’s body. Research has been done in the past proving a particular inclination for voluptuous women in men.  

Men also find these girls attractive because they’re more likely to accept them for who they are rather than wish for them to alter their appearance. These girls are easy to talk with and can be amazing listeners. And if you’re only looking for a quick hookup, BBWs can be awesome in bed.

Dating Site Is a Place to Meet Curvy Girls

With celebrity men showing interest in BBWs, it’s natural to find their fans to follow suit. And as so many of them are turning to online dating to find love, you can surely do the same and use any dating site for BBW in the UK to find love and dates. 

Online dating sites are designed to provide a safe and secure way to find like-minded people. And BBW dating sites in the UK are especially popular among people from all walks of life. 

Whether you’re a plus-size woman hoping to find a celebrity man or a BBW lover looking for your first date, signing up on dating sites is the way to go, fellas!

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Top 5 Celebrity Men Who Love Curvy Women: from the UK to the USA

It seems that an increasingly large number of men are now keen on the “more to love” philosophy, and that’s probably the reason why you can find hundreds of thousands of members on any reputable dating site for BBW in the UK and USA. And celebrities are not far behind in this race to find chubby love. 

  1. Pierce Brosnan: Even James Bond appreciates a curvy woman. He’s still married to Keely Shaye Smith, a television star who has gained weight since their wedding but still manages to look more than just normal in Hollywood. They’ve been together for nearly a decade and still seem very much in love. He has stated publicly that he prefers his wife’s figure when she is not extremely “thin.”

2. Tracy Morgan: During the pilot of 30 Rock, breakout star Tracy Morgan admitted that he wouldn’t want to date slim women. His wife Angie’s footsteps have been filled by the more lovable proportioned Sherri Shepherd from The View, and the unskinny Sharon Wilkins from Bad Boys II and Maid in Manhattan for a short time. And SNL writer Paula Pell, who plays Pete Hornberger’s hilariously overweight wife, is only one example of Tracy’s overall affection toward fat characters.

3. Kanye West: Kanye’s love for fat chicks is no secret. Even after all these years, Kanye still seems genuinely pleased with Kim Kardashian’s appearance, which suggests how much he appreciates plus-size women.

4. Ben Falcone: He’s another big name on the list of people always admiring a curvy beauty. And he eventually managed to gain the affection of the Hollywood actress Melissa McCarthy, who continues to demonstrate that curves can be attractive.

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5. Hugh Jackman: Considering his relationship with his wife Deborra-Lee Furness, it’s safe to say he’s among those stars who love curvy ladies. They have outlasted even the most devoted celebrity couples thanks to their long-lasting relationship of 16 years, during which time they have struggled with infertility and much more.

Tips to Impress BBW Online

Finding a good site is important, but you’ll still have to put in an effort to impress a BBW girl. Here are a few tips to help:

  • Be sure to populate your profile with all the right stuff that could tell why you love BBWs.
  • Be ready to spend more time messaging and learning about her likes and dislikes.
  • Don’t treat her in a weird way; she’s just like any other girl you’d date.
  • Give her time to open up and be a good listener.
  • Don’t talk about weight but focus on what else you like in her personality.
  • Find a way to emphasize her sensuality to make her feel comfortable.
  • Come up with interesting date ideas that don’t necessarily focus on her size.


There are a variety of factors that draw men to plus-size women. They can be cute but hot and sultry as well. Even celebrities won’t mind dating a curvy girl. Just be sure to pick a good BBW dating site, and you’ll find it much easier to land a date tonight.

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