Want To Know YouTube Influencer Dhar Mann’s Net Worth? Learn Here

Want To Know YouTube Influencer Dhar Mann's Net Worth? Learn Here

If you’re the one who searches for motivational doses on YouTube, then you probably happen to know Dhar Mann. But do you know how much Dhar Mann net worth is?

Dhar Mann has a huge fan base on social media platforms, and his YouTube channel holds over 1 Crore subscribers. Known for his self-belief videos and over-the-top knowledgeable insights, Dhar Mann (Dharminder Mann) is also an entrepreneur and runs Dhar Mann Studios.

The 38-years-old lad’s life itself is an inspiration for many as he has tried putting around his own ventures alongside handling his family business, which is the reason why people crazily adore him.

The man who has a huge empire and net worth today started his journey when he was 19. Mann’s parents were engaged in their business, from which the founder of Dhar Mann Studios surely had got learnings. Let’s see what Dhar Mann’s net worth is.


Dhar Mann’s Net Worth 2022

Dhar Mann’s net worth is estimated to be roughly around 150 USD. Even after coming from a financially stable background, it was never a walk in the park for Mann to bring his endeavors to life. Let’s dive a little deeper and see what comprises Dhar Mann’s net worth.



Dhar Mann tried his hands on a plethora of business ventures while he was pursuing a degree in Economics and Pol. Science. In 2003, he came up with a few business projects, which included mortgage refinancing, a real estate company, and luxury car rental services, but they all didn’t work as he had thought and ultimately collapsed. 

In 2010, Mann collaborated with Derek Peterson, a former stock broker, and launched weGrow Store, which proffered services and supplies (hydroponics) for cultivating medical marijuana.

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Want To Know YouTube Influencer Dhar Mann's Net Worth? Learn Here


weGrow established 4 retail outlets (2 in California, 1 in Phoenix, and 1 in Washington D.C.) and planned to sell its franchise as well. The company reportedly fetched around 16 Million USD in revenue the very same year it was launched. But, the then-26-year-old lad’s and Peterson’s partnership soon came to naught, and the latter accused the company of indebtedness.

As a consequence, weGrow was closed shut, and Mann got charged with five felony counts and five probation years and was ordered to pay 10,000 USD altogether with restitution which, as per Mann, later got expungement.



LiveGlam is Dhar Mann’s other venture that came up in 2015 and deals in cosmetics and beauty products. This venture flourished quite well as it raked in a revenue of 8 Million USD in just a year.

Mann himself has a massive fanbase on social media, which has majorly benefited him in raking in 20 Million USD subscriptions for the beauty brand in such a short span of time. The brand has got over 4 Million followers on Instagram.


Dhar Mann Studios & YouTube Earnings

2018 marks the launch of Dhar Mann Studios, Mann’s very own video production company. Mann also joined hands with the Creative Artists Agency to launch a mobile app where people can have access to video content published under his studio name.

Dhar Mann’s net worth has a massive share from his YouTube videos. As of today, his YouTube channel has 1.67 crore subscribers, and he delivers motivational and morality-based content.


Want To Know YouTube Influencer Dhar Mann's Net Worth? Learn Here


Securing hundreds and thousands of views on every single YouTube video, Mann’s yearly earnings from this platform alone account for around 28 Million USD.

Last year, Mann ranked 2nd on the list of YouTube’s official U.S. Top 10 Creators. His brief film on autism became one among the top 10 trending videos of 2021 and garnered over 43 million views on YouTube and funds for assisting the Organization for Autism Research.

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He is also a renowned personality on other social media platforms, with over 28 Million Facebook followers, 94.3K Twitter followers, and 4.7 Million Insta followers.


Family Business

Mann’s parents were into the taxi cab business and then shifted to the real estate industry and have been quite engaged with it. Undoubtedly, Mann also looks after the family business in Oakland with his sibling Harmit. 



Dhar Mann resides in Calabasas, L.A., in a 15.5 Million USD penthouse which is no less than a mansion. He got this deal sealed with Khloe Kardashian two years back.

The house features 10 bathrooms, 6 bedrooms, a bar towards the outside, a guesthouse, patios, inset spa altogether with countless fountains spread across the area of 9300 sq. ft. that are no less than a treat for the eyes.


Want To Know YouTube Influencer Dhar Mann's Net Worth? Learn Here


He and his life partner, Laura Avila, often give their fans a tour of their house.


Car Collection

Mann is an adorer of sports cars and has been investing in them since he was 21. Talking of his car collection, he has a:-

  • 2017 Tesla Model X
  • 2019 Rolls-Royce Dawn
  • Lamborghini Urus

No doubt, Dhar Mann comes from a wealthy and settled family, but he has chosen his career paths after analyzing everything very much from the groundwork. He has exposed himself to a wide range of life experiences that have paid him off with expertise, relativeness (that he often seems to be putting in his YouTube content), and huge net worth.

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