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Brad Pitt biography

Do you heard about Brad Pitt?  I hope you heard about Brad Pitt. Today I’ll try to give you information about the Brad Pitt biography.  The full name of Brad Pitt is William Bradley Pitt. He was born in Shawnee, Oklahoma, on December 18, 1963. Therefore  His father is a manager, and he moves to Springfield with his family. When  Brad, brother Doug, and sister Julie, are still children. Brad Pitt biography After an idyllic childhood, he entered the school with ease.  He graduated in 1983 at Kickapoo High School where he highlighted in sports and the student council. 


How to start a day 

 With the plan to become a journalist, Brad Pitt enrolled at the University of Missouri in Columbia. Still, with few exams to graduate in journalism and advertising graphics. He moved to Hollywood to try the path of cinema. During his university years, he had joined the Sigma Chi student brotherhood. He had made some small shows with them. Hr is trying to finding passion, as well as fun to act.  He is supported by his mother and decides to change the program of his life.


The first  journey 


In Los Angeles, to maintain himself, he works as a limousine driver, refrigerator transporter, disguised as a giant chicken for “El Pollo Loco. He has a little experience in the TV movie” Damned Lives, “where he meets Juliette Lewis, one of his first loves. Brad Pitt was artistically born in 1990 as “the big beautiful ass” that Gina Davis takes to bed in Ridley Scott’s film “Thelma & Louise.” Where she has a small part that labels it as “beautiful and sexy.” In 1992 he was chosen by Robert Redford to play a daring and rebellious boy. It is destined to make a wrong end in the film “In the middle of the river” the following year as the protagonist in “California. ” 

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Becoming the new cinematographic idol

Hi is in “Interview with the vampire” alongside Tom Cruise, who confirms his role as a handsome more or less loser and curses. He is becoming the new cinematographic idol. He is also becoming a real sex symbol that twice, in 1995 and 2000, obtains the title of “sexiest man of the world “from” People “magazine.


Achievement of Brad Pitt 

Brad Pitt biography


Therefore Brad Pitt, in 1996 was nominated for the best Golden Globe actor for the film. The film was “Wind of passions” and received the Oscar nomination.  He is awarded for the best supporting actor in ’97 for the movie “The Army of the 12 Monkeys”.Since the beginning of his career many sentimental stories have been attributed to Brad Pitt.  But , after abandoning Gwyneth Paltrow with whom he filmed “Seven” in 1995, in 2000. He married Jennifer Aniston, TV star of “Friends”, serial in to whom. Brad had made an appearance waiting.  How ever , he is separated in 2005 when the actor, during the filming of “Mr. & Mrs Smith”, fell in love with his colleague Angelina Jolie.



Therefore From whom he had a daughter, Shiloh Nouvel who will grow up with his adopted children Maddox, Cambodian, Ethiopian Zahara and Pax Thien, Vietnamese. Therefore I hope you enjoy this article & knowing something more about Brad Pitt biography.    


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