4 Examples of Email Marketing Templates That Get Responses

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As it is known, the first marketing email was sent back in 1978. It brought in sales of 13 million US dollars. This was the beginning of the use of a marketing channel that remains one of the most popular to this day. Despite the fact that a wide variety of new and even more interactive channels, such as chat rooms, social networks, etc., email marketing templates remain a great way to attract an audience and an integral part of a variety of inbound marketing strategies.

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What’s Email Marketing?

Email marketing is a way to promote products or services through email newsletters. It is considered an effective digital marketing tool, as it allows not only to attract and retain customers but also to increase brand loyalty. This essential source of business communications has a number of positive characteristics:

  • High ROI. Email marketing gives you back $44 for every dollar you spend;
  • Email marketing strategies are 40 times more effective at attracting and retaining new customers than Twitter and Facebook;
  • Amenable to easy and fast integration with any other communication channels. Successfully combined with SMS, instant notifications, and social media profiles, emails allow you to expand your customer base without any problems;
  • Promotes SEO. It works like this: you create interesting content for your potential audience, make a newsletter, get feedback and, as a result, receive an increase in traffic.
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What’s an Email Marketing Template, And How Do I Create One?

The email marketing template is a universal layout that can be used for different types of mailings: trigger, sales, welcome chain, etc. Its main blocks and design style remain unchanged, but the content of the letter changes every time. You can change text, images and add a logo, video, or animation as you wish.

Creating a good template today is not difficult at all. For this, an email marketing creator is usually used. Thanks to it, you can choose a ready-made template, create a template from scratch, import a template from a file, etc. The main advantages of the email marketing builder include the following:

  • The necessary block or layout element can be easily added to the email template by simply dragging it with the mouse;
  • It is easy to edit each element by changing the color, style, size, and other parameters;
  • You do not need to have special knowledge, be able to work with HTML code, etc., to create an effective letter. Everything is automated. Everyone can create high-quality marketing templates and edit them efficiently.

4 Examples of Email Marketing Templates That Get Results

As practice shows, there are four types of free email marketing templates that give good results. These include email templates for personalization, upselling, re-engagement, and customer feedback. The description of each is provided below.

Personalization Email Marketing Template


Email personalization is one of the current trends. Personalization operates with the data that the subscriber shares (name, gender, age, country of residence, preferences, etc.). One reason to focus on personalization is that, on average, personalized emails generate 18 times more revenue than non-personalized emails. Popular personalization strategies include:

  1. Personalization of email subject lines;
  2. Text personalization;
  3. Personalization of the call to action button;
  4. Image personalization;
  5. Video personalization.
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Personalization helps increase conversions, attract buyers, strengthen relations, and increase brand awareness. Use the personalization email marketing template and get all these benefits!

Upselling Email Marketing Template

Mailing on the base of leads is used for the primary sale and on the base of existing customers – for upselling goods and services. This allows to both attract new customers and keep their interest.

Re-engagement Email Marketing Template

Re-engagement email marketing targets inactive customers. The goal is to remind them of the benefits of your products and services. A good re-engagement email marketing template allows you to connect with your potential clients and get them interested in your products and services again.

Customer Feedback Email Marketing Template

Letters with a request to leave feedback, in most cases, are triggered. They are sent in response to the purchase of a product, the use of a service, contacting a company, and other actions of a subscriber. Using customer feedback marketing templates allows getting feedback for development, increasing brand reputation, automating communication with customers, etc.

Email Marketing Templates Can Save You Time And Money

Using quality templates and creating a well-thought-out email marketing strategy allows you to achieve many different long-term and short-term goals, including increasing brand awareness, increasing sales, building trust, shortening the purchase cycle, automating routine tasks, etc. And this, in turn, helps you save your time and money.

Use free email templates and run effective marketing campaigns without any additional costs!


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