Katy Perry Gives Birth to baby girl Daisy with Orlando Bloom

Katy Perry Gives Birth to baby girl Daisy with Orlando Bloom

Katy Perry gives birth to a baby girl, and her fans can’t keep calm! The singer and Pirates of the Caribbean fame Orlando Bloom welcomed their first baby together. The couple plans to name them Daisy Dove Bloom.

The new parents welcomed their baby into the world on August 26. Moreover, little Daisy makes Perry mom for the first time. Daisy also has a step-brother, Flynn, who is Bloom’s only son from ex-wife Miranda Kerr.

Interestingly, Katy and Orlando revealed their baby’s welcome through UNICEF. Together, they serve the organization as Goodwill Ambassadors.

Katy Perry Gives Birth to baby Daisy and makes a heartfelt announcement

The couple said that they are “floating with love and wonder” as their daughter arrives healthily in the world. They also mentioned that they are lucky to have a peaceful, birthing experience that not everyone does.

The couple acknowledges the shortage of healthcare workers in the world right now due to the coronavirus pandemic. The statement records that one pregnant woman or newborn dies every 11 seconds. Moreover, the causes are usually preventable.

The couple expresses that COVID-19 pushes the lives of newborns at risk. Further, many have a lack of water, soap, medicines, vaccines, and more. The couple also said that their heart goes out to all the struggling parents, and they “empathize with them now more than ever.”

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Along with the announcement of Daisy’s birth, the couple shares the UNICEF donation page they made in the baby’s name. They call it DDB (Daisy Dove Bloom) after the name of the little princess.

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom got engaged in February 2019 after years of on-and-off romance. They told the media about the arrival of the new member back in March. Moreover, Katy flaunted her baby bump with the music video Never Worn White. The month after, they revealed, “it was a girl.”

Katy Perry expressed her emotions throughout pregnancy

In June, Katy Perry said that they were waiting to make an official announcement on what they would name her. In an interview, she said there were many name options. However, Katy wanted to “look at her” and then decide.

As many other celebrities’ pregnancies are aligned with the ongoing pandemic, the experience has been mixed for Perry. She said she is overwhelmed, anxious, and happy. She also reveals going through emotions of depression and joyousness.

Perry said that the world is going through a rough time. She said years back, people used to tell her how life is uncertain, and she knows what it means today.

The singer also went on to express what it would be like to see her daughter for the first time. She said when you meet your soulmate or partner, you can say what you have to. But meeting your baby will be meeting the “love of your life.”

Katy Perry on being a mom

Katy reveals that she will be a mom that follows the principle of 3F – she will be fun, fair, and firm. She said she likes to do things, create a peaceful environment, and let matriarchy takeover. However, she also said that the baby would be a “daddy’s little girl.”

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Orlando Bloom is a happy father, spending all his time with little Daisy. He humorously shared about having late nights with the feeding bottles. He also said he loves quiet nights when the world is asleep, and they have a sleeping baby to admire.

We congratulate the new parents and wish they have their best time watching baby Daisy ‘bloom’ through infancy and ahead.

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