Elon Musk and Grimes Changes Baby Name Due to California Laws

elon musk baby name

New parents Elon Musk and Grimes seem to have made alterations to the unique moniker. We are talking about the confusing baby name that made quite a news a couple of days back. The couple recently took to Instagram to answer a few questions from their fans. One of them asked Grimes if they had to change their baby’s name due to the strict California laws. The former answered it in a rather diplomatic way saying that they have indeed tweaked the name a little. It is important to mention that according to the California laws, a baby’s name can only include letters and no other numbers or special characters.

The current name of the baby has been altered to “X Æ A-Xii.” So, it seems that only the end part of it which was Roman number 12 has been changed to alphabets to represent the same. Grimes replied to another person who commented on her Instagram post saying that Roman numerals always look better. The pronunciation of the name is still unclear, along with the question of whether the changes are legally accepted or not. According to the Department of Public Health of California, certain norms have to be kept in mind while deciding a baby’s name.

What are the norms for baby name?

The most important of all is that the name should include only characters from the English letters 1-26. Besides, the handbook also mentions that special symbols are allowed only in exceptional cases. For example, a hyphen if the last name has to be separated. Besides, a dot for initials or an apostrophe in specific instances too. However, the usage of numeric characters is not allowed at all. Plus, you cannot use any kind of ideogram or emojis in a name as well.

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For Baby X Æ A-Xii, all parts of her name still do not abide by the basic norms of the state. Only the ‘X’ and ‘A’ are completely valid along with the ‘Xii’ that has been tweaked recently. However, the ‘Æ’ is a combination of two letters and the acceptance is still under some confusion. A few days back after the baby’s name was decided, Grimes took to Twitter. It was to explain the meaning of this unique name.

Although the explanation was of no use to most of us, it still expresses the thought that went behind such a name. The real name of Grimes is Claire Elise Boucher and she is the one who is significantly responsible for her child’s unique name. in the name ‘X’ is an unknown variable, “Æ” is her elven spelling of AI which again means either artificial intelligence or love. Next “A-12” is the precursor to SR-17 which the couple’s favorite aircraft. It also symbolizes peace with no defense and weapons and just speed. Plus, A also stands for Archangel which is Grimes’ favorite song and metal rat. A user replied to this tweet saying thank you, but it did not help at all.

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