Larry King Died at Age 87, Leaving the Media Industry Mourning

Larry King Died

Veteran radio and TV host Larry King died at age 87 on Saturday, January 23, 2021. The Ora media soon confirmed the news of their co-founder, friend, and host’s demise with profound sadness. King breathed his last at the Los Angeles Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. It was within a few hours that a Tweet appeared from King’s official handle.

In the tweet, Ora Media sends their condolences to Larry King’s children Chance, Cannon, Larry Jr., and the King family. Further, the King family requests privacy from the media and public, demanding some time to mourn. They revealed that a date for a memorial service and updates regarding funeral arrangements would come out soon.

The Ora Media team remembers Larry King’s several achievements during his long journey of 63 years. Larry King died, leaving behind an array of accomplishments in the platforms of television, digital media, and radio. Moreover, the thousands of awards, interviews, and massive global acclaim will forever testify to his lasting and unique contribution as a broadcaster.

Larry Kind died, leaving the whole Ora Media in profound sorrow.

The team’s remembrance message about Larry King also mentions the man’s good nature. It seems that despite his name being the highlight of the shows, he always gave his guests the utmost importance. On the contrary, King always portrayed himself as a mere neutral medium between the audience and the guests.

Among his many qualities, one that has to be the highlight is Larry’s way of conducting interviews. Irrespective of the aura or position of the interview subject, Larry’s unbiasedness was the best thing.

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For example, whether the person on the opposite seat was the country’s President, a commoner, a foreign leader, a scandalous person, or a celebrity, the questions were always short, uncomplicated, and direct. According to the veteran broadcaster, the more straightforward questions are still capable of fetching the best answers. Besides, his theory was always correct!

According to very close sources, Larry King died due to COVID symptoms. He was undergoing treatment for the same since January 1, 2021, in the Los Angeles hospital. Even before that, there were reports of his deteriorating health. Last year, Larry King was in the hospital on his 87th birthday in November. At that time, he was suffering from a blood circulation issue but got a quick release too.

Larry King’s health record

Considering Larry’s previous health records, he was in the hospital in April 2019. The doctors were suggesting an angioplasty. It was a case of angina, due to which he was in the hospital for further diagnosis. Moreover, he also underwent a stent insertion procedure during this time. The process was a must to reopen a previous bypass surgery that took place in 1987.

Before the above incident, in March 2019, Larry King reports suffering a fatal stroke. He went into a severe coma due to the stroke. Later, during an interview with YouTuber Robi Ludwig, King revealed how dangerous the situation was.

In that podcast, he mentions how he does not remember anything from when he was in a coma. Moreover, he sees pictures of himself in that state, which comes as a shocker to him. In the September 2020 interview, he reveals how he was in bad shape back in the previous year. Besides, he says that his last memory of himself was while he was driving to the doctor’s chamber and entering the ICU after a few days.

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Shocking facts and his survivors

The most shocking revelation King made on Robi’s show was that he considered suicide after being in that state. He also recalled speaking to his young son about his wish, asking him to get a pill capable of ending his life. However, it was due to the 21-year old man’s indomitable spirit that his father was able to stand up soon.

In 1987, the Larry King Show host suffered the first massive heart attack. Soon, he was undergoing a quadruple cardiac surgery on top of a type II diabetes diagnosis. After recovering, King wrote two books describing his battle with heart disease. One was Mr. King, You Are Having A Heart Attack (1989). The second one was Taking on Heart Disease (2004). Apart from heart issues, King also had lung cancer and prostate issues.

Larry King’s personal life, especially his married life, is quite impressive, with eight marriages overall. He married Julie Alexander (1989-1992), Sharon Lepore (1976-1983), Alene Atkins (1967-1972), Mickey Sutphin (1963-1967), Alene Atkins (1961-1963), Annette Kaye (1961), and Freda Miller (1952).

Presently, King’s survivors include his estranged wife Shawn (married between 1997 and 2019), three children, four great-grandchildren, and nine grandchildren.

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