Kate Gosselin Ex Jon Gosselin, Got ‘Violent and Abusive’ Towards Son

Kate Gosselin ex

Kate Gosselin ex, Jon Gosselin, reportedly hit their son Collin. The mother soon reported it as a physical assault, but Jon quickly denied the claims.

Kate Gosselin reported to the public, stating that she will not hide away from the public anymore. She told the People that Jon Gosselin is a violent person and gets abusive as well.

Kate had reported that the Pennsylvania Child & Youth Services (CYS) alerted her that are looking into claims. Later, CYS released a statement with no charges filed about the incident. Thus, they were not investigating the matter at that point.

Kate said she believes that there is much more to be done with this investigation. She is reportedly waiting for a letter from CYS regarding the allegations. She said that she is hoping that the authorities recognize this as assault.

Kate Gosselin Ex reportedly abused his son

On September 3, the son of Jon and Kate accused his father of physically abusing him. He wrote a post on social media, which has now been deleted. In the post, he called Jon, a liar. He said that Jon beat him up on September 2 for nothing that he did. He was punched on the face and had a swollen nose. His nose was bleeding, and he was still kicking Collin in the ribs. The boy fell on the floor with pain.

No charges have still been brought against Jon since he denied the allegation. A rep told the news that Jon never abused Collin. The son has gone through a lot of trauma, and the father has worked hard to support him.

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Jon and Kate divorced in 2009 after 10 years of married life. The couple shot to fame with their reality show named Jon & Kate Plus 8.

Twins Madelyn and Cara live with the mother, and four of the sextuplets Leah, Alexis, Joel, and Aaden also do. Collin and Hannah live with their dad, but they don’t seem to be in good relations with their father.

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