Chrissy Teigen Suffers a Miscarriage After Terrible Bleeding

Chrissy Teigen Suffers a Miscarriage: Model Goes to Hospital After Bleeding

The latest news reveals that Chrissy Teigen suffers a miscarriage and grieves the loss of her unborn child. A couple of days back, the model updates her fans that she was in a complete bedrest situation. Since then, she took her Instagram account to reveal about experiencing bleeding for a couple of weeks. She wrote that it was unlike bleeding that you experience during periods. Teigen says that several people experience spotting, but her case was not usual.

Chrissy is a mother of two and was pregnant halfway with her third child. Halfway through her pregnancy, she started experiencing occasional bleeding. It was after the condition started worsening that she went to the hospital. Later, she says that things were going from bad to worse, and the bleeding was unstoppable. The 34-year old cookbook author also says that the team of doctors treating her is the best. Therefore, she requests doctors on social media not to judge her condition.

There was a blood transfusion to keep Teigen and baby fine.

On Monday, September 28, she posted an update on Instagram once again, stating that both baby and she are fine. After that, she got a blood transfusion and was expecting things to get better. Throughout her pregnancy journey, she has been sharing all her struggles and joys with everyone. She says that her placenta is relatively weak to protect the new baby. However, she is happy that the baby is growing healthier and more robust. She says that he moves more than ever. The only concern is to make sure that there is enough fluid around him to help him stay alright.

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The model and cookbook author says that the timing is weird and so she is feeling anxious. So, the only option is to wait for things to get better. However, she is relieved that the baby is alright, and she has the best medical team. Husband and singer John Legend is always by her side. A recent cameo on Instagram shows how he is making a sandwich for her. Teigen and Legend announced the pregnancy in August in a music video called “wild.” During her bed rest, she said she is going to postpone her third cookbook.

Chrissy Teigen suffers a miscarriage due to loss of fluids

Model Chrissy Teigen suffers a miscarriage during her third pregnancy. A couple of days back, she was admitted to the hospital after experiencing heavy bleeding. However, she posted on Instagram about her health, saying that both baby and she are alright. Later, on Thursday, October 1, the model took to her Instagram account once again to share the saddest news. She pens down an emotional note breaking the story of her miscarriage. In her social media statement, the model says that she and John Legend are in immense pain and shock. It is a pain that they have never felt before.

We get to know that Chrissy Teigen suffers a miscarriage after non-stop bleeding from the same Instagram post. According to the doctors, the baby was unable to get enough fluids around. Despite several bags of blood transfusion, the treatment was not enough for the baby. There was a black and white photograph of Teigen crying on her hospital bed along with the post. One more photo in which the model is cradling the baby who is resting in a blanket. The picture shows Legend leaning in to caress the baby.

The parents of two mentioned that they had also decided to call the baby Jack and do so forever. Teigen writes in her post that she and John never name a baby till the last moment. They wait to almost leave the hospital with the baby before naming it. However, this time it was so different, and they finally chose the name Jack even before he was born. So, they will always call him Jack and remember him as a fighter. They will never forget how Baby Jack fought until the end to be a part of their family.

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Chrissy Teigen suffers a miscarriage and writes an emotional note.

Teigen writes how she feels sorry for how Jack’s life’s first few moments were full of complications. She adds that it is painful to realize that they could not give him the home needed for survival. However, his parents will always love Jack. Teigen expresses her gratitude towards everyone for showing such positive energy, prayers, and thoughts. The parents now want to take some time off for grieving.

Chrissy Teigen ends the post stating that they are thankful for their children, Miles, and Luna. Besides, they are grateful to God for blessing them with all the happiness. However, every day does not bring an equal amount of sunshine. These are the darkest days of their lives, and they want to love and hug each other while they cry together. John Legend shared his wife’s post captioning it with the new baby’s name, followed by five black heart emojis.

Several celebrity friends of Chrissy and John sent messages showing love and support. Kim Kardashian West writes that they are always there to support. On the other hand, Gabrielle Union adds that the couple will find them beside whenever they need it. Hailey Bieber prays for Chrissy and John’s well-being and writes words of love and support too. Later, Teigen updated everyone about returning home from the hospital. She notes that it feels unreal to get back home with no baby.

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