Blippi Net Worth: Know About Every Kid’s Favorite Blippi’s Massive Fortune

Blippi Net Worth: Know About Every Kid’s Favorite Blippi’s Massive Fortune

If we start enlisting the names of successful YouTubers, Blippi net worth catches the attention in no time.

Stevin John (widely known as Blippi) is an entertainer for many kids in his funny outfit that they adore a lot. His content is a perfect alignment of fun and learning which is the reason why he has got such a huge fan following. 

But before turning the YouTube views in his favor with his creativity, he used to appear on the big screen also and had carved his feet deep down in merchandising and branding as well.

Blippi is one among a few people who’ve successfully built a career out of YouTube. But did you know Blippi was formerly a Serviceman in the US Air Force? Well, now you do. Let’s talk about his net worth in detail.


Blippi In Real Life

Full Name: Stevin W John
Known As: Blippi
Date Of Birth: 27th May, 1988
Birth Place: Ellensburg, Washington, United States
Nationality: American
Age: 34 Years
Height: 5 in. 8 ft.
Profession: US Air Force Veteran. YouTuber. Content Creator
Partner: Alyssa Ingham (Communication Manager at Kideo Productions, Seattle)
Children: Lochlan David John (Son)
Net Worth: 75 Million USD
Years Active In Industry: 9 Years on YouTube and still active

Blippi Net Worth

Blippi net worth at present reportedly stands at 75 Million USD. He has built an excessively huge empire for himself with his energetic vibe and creative ideas. Not to even mention he actively invests his hard-earned cash in a plethora of projects. So are you ready to dive deeper to see what made Blippi earn a fortune?

US Air Force Veteran

John joined the US Air Force in 2006 as a loadmaster for a military aircraft at the 4th Airlift Squadron, Washington. He used to access parameters for cargo placements to keep the aircraft’s balance intact. He served his position for two complete years.

How Much Money Does Blippi Make On Youtube?

Whether it is about colors or toys, Blippi knows the way to turn learning into fun for kids. His unparalleled enthusiasm and childlike excitement are the reason behind 1.76 crores of subscribers. The story of him joining YouTube is as intriguing as Blippi net worth.

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One fine day, when Stevin’s nephew was watching a low-quality YouTube video, the idea of cultivating a YouTube Channel occurred to him, Studio Fun reported. After checking the feasibility of various plans, he discovered that the craze for educational content for kids has a way to go.

Blippi Net Worth

What Blippi has achieved today is the fruit of his sincere hard work and technical knowledge as a market analyst. Long before he launched his YouTube channel in 2014, he concentrated on putting together the pieces of online marketing metrics and concept calculations to make a remarkable persona in that niche.

As per various sources, Blippi reportedly brings home a huge revenue over 7 Million USD per year from his YouTube Channel. In fact, he owns multiple channels on YouTube where you can find his dubbed videos in other languages as well. He became one among the 10 highest-paid YouTubers in 2020.


Blippi’s attire swayed the hearts of his audience which is the reason how his net worth got elevated to such a high level in almost no time. He sells his bow-ties and signature hat for under 20 USD on several ecommerce sites. Apart from that, he also rakes in profits by merchandising kids’ plush toys that proffer both fun and learning elements. His estimated earnings from toy merchandising alone stand at 9 Million USD.


Blippi net worth has accumulated a nice chunk of change from brand endorsements. He reportedly earns 13 Million USD from endorsements deals.

Live Performances And Events

Blippi In Real Life

Blippi’s live events and performances have an exceptional craze. Parents and kids both leave no chance to join him in his fun activities as and when his show tickets come out for sale.

Real Estate

Blippi reportedly owns lush homes– one in California that was worth 16 Million USD at the time of purchase, spread across 9000 sq. ft., the house features Greek decor, seven bedrooms, nine bathrooms, three enormous pools, a game room, and a home theatre; and another five-bedroom 2.8 Million USD house in L.A.

Car Collection

Blippi net worth is inclusive of his highly cherished cars including Lexus GX, Jaguar F PACE, and Range Rover Sport. Here are some other additions to his car collection-

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1. BMW X8 200000+
2. Audi AC 120000
3. Volvo XC40 70000
4. Mercedes-Benz C-Class 50000


Blippi Additional Income

Blippi’s videos are also featured on OTT platforms including Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime. Every single episode of his show had been valued to be sold at $1.99. He first garnered huge revenues from his franchise which was later acquired by a London-based children’s media distribution company Moonbug Entertainment. The company released its episodes in dubbed versions in Spanish, German, Italian, French, and many other languages.

Blippi net worth is inclusive of his 15 Million USD in stock market investments and govt. bonds. He reportedly earns a 2 Million USD dividend from stock holdings in tech giants like Tesla, Microsoft, and Apple. Plus to that, his return to the government bonds accounts for 1 Million USD.

Blippi Net Worth

Blippi has formerly earned income from his skills as a marketing consultant, an independent filmmaker, and as an MD. He also makes his fortune from his bedtime stories book and online courses.

Blippi’s Luxurious Lifestyle

A quite fair share of Blippi net worth is spent on his vacay-days with his family, friends, and co-workers. He shares his shoot locations often on his IG handle. His house and car collection says it all (refer to the sections above).


Blippi reportedly donated 50% of his sales earnings to Children’s First Respond Foundation. 

Blippi net worth crossed several horizons right in 2017 when he was featured in the list of Forbes’ highest-paid YouTubers. He started with a well-planned strategy and took flexible approaches that made him a household name today. Almost every house especially in America has one or another merchandise linked to Blippi.

He is the only reason parents want their kids to spend some screen time. We hope his upcoming shows will add more generous amounts to Blippi net worth.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

#1. Who Owns Blippi?

Stevin John, an American YouTuber is the man behind Blippi’s concept and he himself performs Blippi’s character in his YouTube videos.

#2. How Much Does Blippi Earn Per Episode On Amazon Prime?

Blippi every episode on Amazon Prime is available at $1.99.

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