Dustin Johnson Net worth 2022 | Income sources | Records

Dustin Johnson Net worth

Professional Golfer and 64 times No.1 ranked Golf Champion, Dustin Johnson net worth is bigger than you can think. Being a Sports Celebrity, he has made many records and broke them. He is an inspiration for his fans.

Dustin Johnson net worth comes from various sources : Golf Championships, Tournaments, Awards, Endorsements, Honours, PGA Tour, Contracts, Social media platforms and his investments.

Let’s discuss everything about him in detail.

Dustin Johnson

Dustin Johnson is an American Pro Golfer with years of experience. He has made a record of playing for 64 weeks and winning No.1 rank continuously which started from the year 2017. Before knowing about Dustin Johnson net worth, you should know about his personal details as mentioned below :

Dustin Hunter Johnson was born on June 22, 1984. He is 38 years old. Dustin was born and raised in Columbia, South Carolina. He was raised by his father Scott Johnson and mother Kandee Johnson. He is an American citizen. He studied in Dutch Fork High School and later graduated from Coastal Carolina University. He is a Professional Golf Player, Sport celebrity and Internet Influencer.

Dustin Johnson Net worth

Relationship | Family

He married Paulina Gretzky this year; they got engaged in 2013. Paulina Gretzky is daughter of Hockey Champion Wayne Gretzky and Movie Actress Janet Jones. Dustin and Paulina gave birth to two sons : Tatum Gretzky Johnson and River Jones Johnson.

Dustin Johnson | Net worth | 2022

This is what you’ve been looking for. Dustin Johnson Net worth is estimated to be around $50 Million USD this year. He has Celebrity status which explains his net worth being high in numbers. We should know more about how he earns his money.

Income sources

Dustin Johnson is the Number one ranked Golf Player who enjoys his status in the Sport field and earns a lot. Here are the main sources of his income :

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1. Golf Championships

Dustin Johnson earned $18 Million by winning the Season-Long Individual Title. He claimed Top 10 Position by playing in six golf events.

2. Tours

He had played for many tournaments in his career and made a big name. His PGA Tour is one of the most famous and controversial tournaments he played for. In 15 years of his contract with PGA Tour, Dustin had made around $75 Million USD. According to Media sources, he made side income from his contract with PGA Tournament which is estimated to be about $100 Million. But after playing on the PGA Tour for a long time, he announced about quitting it. This announcement led to controversy and shocked his fans.

Dustin Johnson Net worth

3. Endorsements

Enjoying a Celebrity status due to his Golf Player Reputation, Dustin Johnson has worked for many big Brands to promote them and earn a lot of income. They Brand names which he signed a contract with are listed below :

  • Adidas
  • BodyArmor
  • Hublot
  • RBC
  • NetJets
  • Perfect Practise
  • TaylorMade

Dustin earns around $11 Million annually from his deals with these Brands. His main target are sport enthusiasts, Golf sport fans and his own followers which are enough to sell the brand products and earn him a huge amount of money.

1. Social media platforms

As a Celebrity, he is active on various social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. He tweets about every event he is going to play for and his own thoughts. On Instagram, he actively shares his videos of playing Golf and daily life and time spent with his family.

2. Investments

Every successful person we see has not one but various sources of making money. He knows where to invest to double his income. Dustin Johnson is one of those businessmen. He has purchased a waterfront property for $14 Million and its prices will increase in future leaving him a profitable revenue when he sells it. He invested in OxeFit Company, which sells a Fitness Training System and became a big brand in the market.

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Major Records

Here is the list of his major wins and records :

1. Dustin Johnson was honoured as the LIV’s first Individual Season Champion.

2. He won the Genesis Open in 2017.

3. His Saudi International Golf Award was one of the most famous wins of the year 2019.

4. He played in the Mexico Golf Tournament and won the WGC-Mexico Championship 2019.

5. In 2020, Dustin won the Travellers Championship.

6. Again in 2021, he returned to win another Saudi International Golf Tournament.

7. Dustin Johnson earned the Title of being a No.1 Golf Player to play for 64 times and 64 weeks which resulted in a World Record.

8. He is the third Highest money making Golfer in the World.

9. He won the Major Golf Championship two times.

10. Dustin has been the best known Golf player to win the World Golf Championship two times in a row.

11. He is known for winning FedEx Cup Playoffs Events six times.

12. The PGA Tour is the tour for which he played Ten times and even made headlines.

And this is how Dustin Johnson broke all records and not just one or two times but more than that. He is an inspiration to all Golf fans and Sport enthusiasts. His skills made him millions and he deserves it.

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