Divyanka Tripathi’s Success Story, Struggles, Stardom, & Upcoming Projects in 2023

Indian TV serials are incomplete without their main female leads, and when it comes to Indian TV serials, how can you forget Divyanka Tripathi? Divyanka is a big celebrity in the Indian entertainment industry and has won many fans’ hearts with her skilled acting and personality. She gives thousands of reasons her fans want to know more about her. She is known for devoting herself to her roles and performances. This is why people quickly connect with her and get lost in her charismatic performances.

Divyanka Tripathi’s Biography


Name Divyanka Tripathi Dahiya 
Date of Birth  14 December 1984
Birth Place  Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh 
Height  5”5
Husband  Vivek Dahiya 
Popular TV Shows  Banoo Main Teri Dulhann, Yeh Hain Mohabbtein, Khatron Ke Khiladi Season 11, and Nach Baliye Season 8

Divyanka Tripathi’s Life Before Acting Career

Divyanka is always passionate about performing arts and theatre. She has excellent acting skills that sharpen more with the proper guidance and training. But do you know that her dreams were different? She was preparing for the Army after she completed her studies. She failed the army fitness test, and her career took a turn, and she started walking on the path of the entertainment industry. 

She has no link or connection with the television industry. She belongs to a simple and ordinary family in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh. She did her schooling and studies in Bhopal. It is her destiny that takes her to Mumbai. From childhood, she participated in various local events and competitions that transferred joy and energy to her. 

Divyanka Tripathi’s Net Worth & Financial Success 

Diyanka’s Net worth is around $3 million. Shocking, right!! Her acting career makes her strong financially. She is also part of many advertisements, reality shows, and brand endorsements that increase her net worth. She has been invited to various events and shows, adding extra value to her income. 

Here’s a summary of her career and Television Life:

Debut Show “Banoo Main Teri Dulhann”
Debut Year 2006
Character Played Vidya
Impact on Divyanka’s Career Gave her name and fame in the industry
Stardom More than just the success of her shows, it’s her natural acting and persona that attract people
Popular TV Show – 1 “Yeh Hai Mohabbatein”
Character in “Yeh Hai Mohabbatein” Dr. Ishita Bhalla
Other Appearances Participated in reality show series like “Khatron Ke Khiladi” and other comedy shows
Stage Performances Delivers heart-hovering stage performances in awards and stage shows
Roles Liked by People Whether Vidya or Dr. Ishita Bhalla, both roles were loved by the audience
Special Appearance Appeared as “Chef Nitya” in the reality show “Chef Pankaj Ka Zayka”
Latest Web Show “The Magic of Shiri”
Co-star in Latest Web Show Javed Jaaferi

Divyanka Tripathi Debut 

Her journey of stardom began after her debut in the show “Banoo Main Teri Dulhann” and has gone in an upward direction till today. Her ability to play versatile roles and emotional connection through her performances is the key to her success. 

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Meeting with the Stardom 

Her journey of stardom began after her debut in the show “Banoo Main Teri Dulhann” and has gone in an upward direction. Her ability to play versatile roles and emotional connection through her performances is the key to her success. 

Divyanka Tripathi’s Serials and Completed Projects 

She gets many industry offers after her debut television show and several advertisement projects. “Yeh Hai Mohabbatein” is again a blockbuster television show of hers that breaks all the parameters of TRP. It is the most watched and loved show of Divyanka Tripathi. Her character of Dr. Ishita Bhalla gained so much appreciation and recognition from her fans and critic. 

Apart from being part of television shows as a lead actress, she also makes special appearances in various shows. She also participated in reality series like “Khatron Ke Khiladi” and other comedy shows.

Popular Roles of Divyanka 

Whether it is the role of Vidya from the show “Banoo Main Teri Dulhann” or Dr. Ishita Bhalla from the show “Yeh Hain Mohbbatein”, each role is liked and loved by all. Her chemistry with her co-star in both shows won millions of hearts. Also, she made a special appearance in the reality show “Chef Pankaj Ka Zayka”, where she played the special role of “Chef Nitya” and showed his versatility in her work. 

Entry on the Big Screen 

She has not done any lead roles on the big screen. Though, she has done various web shows. The Magic of Shiri is the latest web show of Divyanka, where she will be seen with the great Javed Jaaferi. She is excited to see the audience’s reaction to her performance and is ready to attempt more such projects. 

Divyanka Tripathi’s Upcoming Projects 

Divyanka has done daily soaps where she represents women with strong bonds with their families. There are new web shows offered to her on which she is working. “The Magic of Shiri” is the awaited web show, which was recently launched. People like her performance in this web show, which is different from her previous shows. Also, she has many more projects to come. 

Divyanka Tripathi’s Awards & Achievements 

Awards & Achievements Role/Category
Zee Rishtey Awards Best Actress
Gold Awards Best Actress
Indian Television Academy Awards Outstanding Actress in a Lead Role
Indian Telly Awards Best Actress in a Lead Role

There is no doubt that she is a marvellous actor who makes every eye mesmerized with her charismatic performances. And with skills, talent, dedication, and hard work, she achieved various honours, awards, and recognition on multiple levels. 

Zee Rishtey Awards to Gold Awards are the few on the list. Other than this, she got Indian Television Academy Awards and Indian Telly Awards. She got the best actress award for her Dr. Ishita Bhalla role and won Best Jodi on screen with his co-star Karan Patel. It is her versatile role that makes her win various recognition. 


Divyanka possesses a luxurious 3BHK apartment situated in Mumbai’s posh area. With an area of 1260 sq ft, the lavish flat comprises 3 bedrooms and a comfortable sitting area, showcasing an elegant gold and white theme. On multiple occasions, Divyanka shares pictures of her house on social media. According to reports, the estimated cost of the house is approximately Rs 4 crores. Apart from that, Divyanka Tripathi also owns a 3BHK house in Goregaon.

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Car Collection 

Car Model Cost (INR)
Mercedes-Benz C-Class 50,00,000
Toyota Fortuner 38,00,000

Divyanka Tripathi’s Ex-Boyfriend & Present Relationship 

Ex-Boyfriend Divyanka had only one known relationship with her first co-star from the TV show “Banoo Main Teri Dulhann”. They broke up amicably.
Husband Divyanka married Vivek Dahiya on 8th July 2016. They dated for a couple of years before tying the knot. They share a loving relationship, mutual respect, understanding, and solid chemistry.


Divyanka loves kids but she has not become a mother yet. She wants to give more time to her career and wants to spend more time with her partner. 

Fashion, Style, and Divyanka 

Divyanka Tripathi has a charm in her personality, and everything goes well with her look. Whether she styles herself with ethnic or Western, her charm enhances. She has a great sense and knowledge of fashion. Besides confidence, she beautifies herself with the elegant taste of clothes and accessories. Whether on the red carpet or at any public event, everyone notices her great taste in style and fashion. 

Favourite Cuisine of Divyanka 

Divyanka loves food; she is also a big foodie but health conscious. She explores new foods and try it out new cuisines. She makes sure to maintain the dietary needs of her body to maintain a healthy diet. She never returns to try street foods and exotic and luxurious dinners. Being an Indian makes her close to Indian food. 

Maldives or Bali? Divyanks’s Favourite Vacation Destination 

Divyanka is a traveller. She is fond of new places and loves to travel to recent locations. She is not sure about Maldives or Bali, but she loves beaches, and whenever she gets a chance to go and relax with her family, she just packs her bag and reaches there. It is the best way for her to spend quality time with her family and loved ones. 

Is Divyanka A Fitness Freak? 

The answer is a big yes. She is committed to keeping her body and mind fit and active. She maintains a healthy lifestyle and includes many workout sessions in her day. She actively showcases her fitness activities on her social media handles. She takes a balanced diet and adopts a mixed workout routine, including cardio, yoga, and strength training. 

Humanitarian Side of Divyanka 

Divyanka is a kind, compassionate, and genuine person in real life. She has been connected with charitable activities and social causes to support marginalized communities. She provides her support in the areas of children’s welfare, education, and issues related to women and their empowerment. She uses social media platforms to raise her voice for the right. 

Divyanka Tripathi’s Fan Following 

Divyanaka is famous not only in India but also in many other countries as well. Her talent and passion for acting create a large fan base for her. Her captivated on-screen presence and kind personality get her closer to her fans and audience. Her 24 million followers on Instagram prove her strong fan base. There is a fan club of Divyanka called “Divians”. 


Divyanka Tripathi is more than a name in the entertainment industry. She makes people laugh and cry with her performances. She started accidentally but happily enjoyed her career by choice. Her personality, talent, and nature still help her increase her fan following. Her fans follow her rigorously in the show or with her social media posts. Divyanka always aims to do big and better projects to give a treat to her fans.

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