Check the cost of being a superfan

Nowadays music is surrounding us and effectively available through all internet sites, yet what expense does a normal fan become a superfan? 

Betway have truly put together a nice article talking about the cost of concert tickets, merchandise costs, collection costs, and the extraordinary assortment of marked things accessible to the superfan.

If you love Drake, Ed Sheeran and BTS you might well have been blowing undeniably a greater amount of your cash than different fans. Drake, Ed Sheeran and BTS have been determined to be the main three most costly musicians to be faithful supporters of across a scope of classifications. Be that as it may, precisely what amount does it cost to be their most ardent follower?

A few overpowering insights from the study are underneath:

Drake is the most costly artist to see live in a concert, it would have cost Drake darlings a huge amount equal to £12,581.97 in the event that they had gone to each UK show over the most recent five years. Concert passes to see the whiz live commonly cost no less than £405.87.

Ed Sheeran lands himself in runner up for having quite possibly the most costly visit in the UK, as it would have cost £9,067.75 for a superfan to have gone to all of the 115 shows over the most recent five years.

The dearest boyband BTS takes the title of having the third most costly UK visit. This is on the grounds that it would have cost a superfan the amount of £4,073.64 to have seen them inhabit the simple six shows they have acted in the UK over the most recent five years.

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For famous rock artist band Metallica drives the way for being the most costly independent/rock artist to be a superfan of, hindering fans a colossal £2,719.36 in general.

The stalwart artist Adele is delegated the priciest R&B vocalist for fans to follow, costing Adele lovers £4,424.58 to be completely committed to the star. Admirers of Adele needing to see the heartfelt vocalist perform tracks from her new collection, as ‘Simple On Me’, are supposed to pay a gigantic £548.63 per concert ticket. Superfans that went to each of the seven of Adele’s UK shows over the most recent five years might have burned through £3,840.41 altogether.

Philosophy: Zeroing in exclusively on the UK and France, the team at Betway have determined the most costly artist fandoms to be important for. Taking a seed rundown of the most streamed specialists on Spotify, the accompanying elements have been considered.

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