Fanpicked best Celebrity Halloween Costumes 2022

Celebrity Halloween Costumes

Halloween is one of the most hyped times of the year when people dress up as their favourite characters whether real or fictional to celebrate Trick or Treat time. Halloween which is known to be associated with ghosts, spirits, spooky and weird things have a whole different origin. Every Year celebrities dress up and impress their fans. They experiment with their looks and even inspire people to try the same. Halloween, which is celebrated on October 31 each year, is the best celebrity Halloween costumes trend on social media handles and gets the attention of internet users. Not just celebrities but common people post their photos and videos while celebrating this season.

What is Halloween all about

Halloween is celebrated on the last evening before ‘All Saints Day’ held on the first day of November. 31st October is the day which is considered to be day of spirits and ghosts. Now if we go back to its origin, Halloween is derived from ‘All Hallows Eve’ whose meaning we explained some phrases before in this same section. People used to believe in old Europe that on the day of harvest, bad spirits might come there, so they would carve pumpkins to make Jack O’ Lanterns and light them up to ward off any bad spirit of omen.

The rural area was distant and dark with less population, so they would try every possible way to save their families from any kind of danger. It was also the time of superstitions, so people would spread rumours about getting attacked by any ghost (which might be a person but they were afraid and confused him as a ghost in dark night). Some say that Halloween is a metaphor of accepting your insecurity, that’s why people dress up as imperfect creatures. While others say that this festival is an homage to all spirits of dead people who never attained peace and will eventually get peace if people celebrate a day for them. Halloween and similar types of festivals have been celebrated around the world since centuries.

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Origin of Spooky Costumes

People at that time would wear spooky and horrific costumes to resemble ghosts in hope of being left alone if they get encountered by any bad spirit and he would think that they are his fellows. This is how halloween costumes became popular : started as a shield, now a fashion statement. This is the main reason for the best Celebrity Halloween Costumes trend nowadays. Even though people love to celebrate this festival, they should know that the origin was disturbing because life was hard and chaotic. Survival was the priority but they never lost any hope.

Best Celebrity Halloween Costumes of 2022

The fans of all celebrities have voted for the most attractive outfits worn by them. These costumes were inspired from any fictional character and real person and even their own movie character. The instagram pages and other media reports have researched on the comments and number of likes which resulted in the list of celebrities who impressed their fans and followers and also influenced them in recreating their outfits for this year. Here is the list of the best Celebrity Halloween Costumes :

1. Chloe Bailey

She perfectly captured the aura and expressions of Lola Bunny from the movie Space Jam. Her makeup and costumes match Lola, and even her posture is similar. Chloe gives the vibes that are the same with the character.

Celebrity Halloween Costumes

2. Dove Cameron

Dove Cameron here is Quorra from the movie Tron. Her hair and makeup are the same and even her costume is perfect for the character. She donned the same makeup and dress style of Quorra.

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3. Mindy Kaling

Mindy Kaling became Velma from Scooby Doo. Her outfit is orange and red just like we have seen in the series and her expressions, freckles and glasses have the same aura of our nerdy character.

4. Janella Monae

She cosplayed Diva Plavalaguna who is a singer in the movie The Fifth Element. She looked cool in the costume, her blue tentacles felt real.

5. Kim Kardashian

She is already popular for experimenting outfits and makeup. This time she dressed as Mystique of X-Men and it looks perfect. From make up, to edges and scales just like original Mystique have.

6. Kylie Jenner

Kylie went all green for her look inspired from the movie The Bride of Frankenstein. She wore white wedding dress and painted her body green with the perfect eye shadow. She looks exactly like the Bride of Frankestein.

Celebrity Halloween Costumes

7. Lizzo

Lizzo really defined the word cosplay with her cosplay of Marge Simpson from the animated show The Simpsons. Her body is yellow just like the original character and blue wig gives the perfect simpson vibe.

And now you know how this spooky culture has so many forms and origins along with costumes and the best dressed celebrities in this spooky season.

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