How to delete a YouTube Channel if it’s inactive?

People are active on various social media platforms to know every tea about the world. But we make email accounts, login in various apps and sites and then forget about them. But still notifications pop up without us knowing its sources. YouTube is one of those platforms where everyone watches and posts video content. If there is an inactive YouTube channel you might want to get rid of, just know every step on how to delete a YouTube Channel. We will discuss every detail about it.

Unnecessary accounts

We all know how this digital platform works. You do not physically exist in this world but make your digital personality by logging in your email account which is your digital identity and then you connect various channels like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr, Reddit, Quora or Skype. In order to enter these platforms, we make unnecessary accounts and forget their passwords. This leads to unwanted notification pop-ups on your operating devices without specific source detail. Youtube is a platform where we subscribe to the channel and when a video is posted there, we get notified by them. If you don’t know how to delete a YouTube Channel, follow our step-by-step guide, it is easy to understand.

How to delete a YouTube Channel

An easy guide on how to delete a YouTube Channel

Searched for how to delete a YouTube Channel, now you are here to follow these clear steps :

  1. Make sure you are connected to the internet and turn on your operating device.
  2. First you should find which email account is linked to the YouTube Channel, people usually have more than one email account for normal and business use and then they link it to a youtube channel.
  3. Login the account details, if you forgot the password just click on “Forgot Password” shown below and it will demand your linked phone number or email account to send an OTP number, fill that number and then recreate and reconfirm your password.
  4. Now click on youtube and link it with your current existing email account which you think is connected to this youtube channel.
  5. Sign in to YouTube Studio.
  6. Go to the Settings on the left side bar.
  7. Select on Channel to go to Advanced Setting.
  8. At the bottom, you will find Remove YouTube Channel. Enter your login details there.
  9. After signing in, you will be directed to I want to permanently delete my content.
  10. Now select on Delete My Content.
  11. Now you will have to wait some days to get rid of its existence from the internet as its data will process its removal.
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Keep track of all accounts

You can follow these same steps to delete other accounts and channels from the internet. This way you will be able to get track of all your accounts. Now you can get rid of unwanted notification pop-ups. Whether Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Tumblr, Reddit or LinkedIn, every channel is linked to a specific email account. Just find the connection and follow the steps mentioned above.

This is necessary to track and control your email accounts and never share their passwords with anyone. This modern world is all about the digital realm and your identity matters here. Email account is your identity in the digital world. Do not make unnecessary accounts and if there are some inactive accounts, just delete them. Obtain your important information before deleting them. Kids sometimes make more than one account to play games and stream online, this leads to various information breakdown in the process. They even share their email account passwords without knowing its importance. As a parent, you need to inform your kids about the importance of opening an email account and linking it to various channels.

How to delete a YouTube Channel


This video platform is most popular among internet users as they can easily find videos of their interests. YouTube is perfect for getting fame and earn money.

Many YouTube content creators upload their videos and make money through the monetization facility of YouTube. On this platform, you even get the features of Shorts where you can upload short vertical clips. The shorts section gets more visibility and there is a chance that your content will show up to users. For the beginners, Shorts is best to try creating content on trendy topics. Monetize your YouTube account and become active in posting your content, also sharing its link to other social media accounts to gain subscribers and views. There are many popular celebrities who started with uploading their videos on this platform and slowly gained followers like Logan Paul, PewDiePie, Mr. Beast, etc.

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Now you know more than just about what you came for, so give this information to your friends and family too. Remove unnecessary accounts and secure yourself in the digital world. Always keep track of your accounts and never share your details to anyone. People earn from YouTube, so it’s a good side income source. Try it.

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