Celebrities That Still Enjoy Sports

Celebrities never cease to amaze us. They can be famous musicians, athletes, actors, actresses as well as directors, and showrunners. They perform amazingly on the pitch, in TV shows or films, or at a concert, and have all sorts of hobbies.

They can branch out to a different section of entertainment and come up with something new and interesting. They have various hobbies, like to party, and don’t mind if they end up in the news. In that regard, there are some of them that enjoy sports in various ways.

They like watching them or being part of them in any way possible. Some former athletes have been seen in the stands, and they don’t shy away from owning stakes in some sports teams. They also help the community by taking care of future stars in various fields.

They have a love for sports that has been around since they knew about themselves, and they don’t mind showing that side to fans. If you’re into sports and follow certain celebrities, then you’ll be happy to know that there are lots of them who enjoy sports just as you do.

Celebrities on the Stand

There’s something spectacular about watching sports. There are tons of athletes out there that have dedicated their lives to being top performers which is why they get so much attention. When you see them on the court, it’s like watching magic come to life. That’s the thrill of being a spectator. Sure, you can watch a sports event from the comfort of your home, but it’s better on the stand. Celebrities have been known to visit the stand and enjoy some of the most jaw-dropping games. Jack Nicholson, Spike Lee, and even Beyonce have been spotted at the stands. Charles Barkley is frequently seen at basketball matches as well as in sports news reports.

He was a machine back in his day. The 90s were his era and he has the record to prove it. Nowadays, he uses his experience to share predictions of certain events. He engages with his fans on social media and doesn’t shy away from placing a bet or two.

There are tons of online sportsbooks present today. They cover various events and tournaments from start to finish and offer bettors more than one type of bet. In addition to these features, they offer interesting promos and offers as they not only cover traditional sports but e-sports as well. They come in various shapes and sizes and cater to players from across the world.

Some other familiar faces seen at the stands include Game of Thrones star Emilia Clark, and even Hodor himself. Aside from basketball court stands, you can see Andrew Garfield at tennis matches, particularly at Wimbledon. Even royalty visits Wimbledon and horse racing events, so the next time you’re at such an event keep a look out for celebrities. You might be rubbing shoulders with celebs!

Celeb Sports Owners

As mentioned before, some stars don’t just like to watch, but they like to actively participate in the world of sports. That’s why they’ve decided to dedicate a portion of their wealth to their communities and even own some stakes in famous teams. Jay Z is one such example. He is known to the world for some of the best tracks in rap music, but he’s also an avid basketball fan. Jay Z has a share in the NBA’s Brooklyn Nets, a team that’s looking to become a household name in one of the most elite leagues in basketball.

Another example would be Mark Wahlberg. You have seen his face in lots of films, where he shows just how capable he is as an actor. Mark has also been known to be a wild card at interviews and an avid sports fan. Aside from watching various sports events, he also likes to take an active role in the world of sports. He has a stake in the Caribbean Tridents in the Caribbean Premier League.

Naturally, there are other ways of taking an active role in the world of sports, besides owning stakes in popular clubs. Some celebs like to be on the pitch.

Stars on the Field

Pretty much any sport you can think of comes with charity events. Celebs enjoying sports will know how to play them and will help out a sports charity event by appearing there. For example, Justin Timberlake is an avid golf fan and has appeared in several golf charity events. Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg, who have collaborated in many films together, are also basketball fans, and have taken to the court together in charity events. Their dedication to the sport also helps them help those in need.

Fitness Freaks

Fitness is vital to the world of sports. It’s also an important part of becoming and continuing to be a celebrity. Some celebrities like the fitness part of sports which is why they subscribe to it. They need to stay in shape for their next performance, be it in a film or on the pitch. One of the most popular celebs out there is a certified fitness freak. Dwayne Johnson has an interesting record as a celebrity as he started out as a WWE superstar.

Then he moved into movies and is now a certified film star. When you see him, you’ll understand that he likes working out. He likes lifting weights and is known for providing motivational messages on his social media. John Cusack is another example. He was quite famous back in the 90s, and he needed to research kickboxing for a role. The martial arts stuck with him, which is why he practices it to this day. It keeps him in shape for his future film roles.

To Wrap Up

In short, celebrities will always find different ways to amaze as. They are sports fans just like us, and won’t shy away from visiting the stadium to watch a game. Some of them will take a more active role like owning stakes in a team or coming down to the court to help a charity.

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