Why Millennials are Loving the Van Life

Owning a house with a white picket fence was a major part of the American dream for many decades. However, Millennials today are creating their own dreams — and many of them don’t involve owning a house at all.

For example, van life has been gaining popularity among young people for several years. What’s the appeal of van life? Is it something you should try? Let’s take a look at why people love this nomadic lifestyle so much.

Complete Freedom

Many people who grow up in a small town or city spend their teen years aching to leave. What you might not realize is that you can have this same yearning when you’re an adult.

The reality of waking up, getting ready for work, working all day, and coming home to eat, sleep, and do it again can wear on anyone. And unlike your school days, there are no summer vacations or holiday breaks. Breaking out of the monotony is a huge draw for those who love van life.

You can simply drive where you want, stay as long as you want, and leave when you get restless again. The freedom is amazing.

It’s Much Cheaper than Rent or a Mortgage

It needs to be said  upfront — van life isn’t free. However, it’s much less expensive than maintaining a household in most cities.

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You’ll need money for food, gas, and often parking options. You’ll want to make sure you’ve talked to Freeway Insurance, so you have the most affordable insurance that meets your needs.

However, those expenses will still be far lower than paying rent, utilities, a car payment, and all the other bills that make up modern life.

You Can Stay or Leave at Your Leisure

Van life isn’t always about driving. If you find a spot you fall in love with, you can stay there for several months. Or, you can decide you hate the big city and leave the next day. There’s no long-term commitment.

Usually, when you live in a traditional home or apartment, you have to commit to at least a six-month lease. That means being stuck in that area, love it or hate it, the whole time.

Van Life Lets You Work on the Road

Remote work has always been available, but it’s never been more common than it is right now. Professionals in all industries are being given the opportunity to work remotely, and that makes van life more accessible and affordable than it’s ever been.

You can make an average salary go much further when you live in your van, along with having the freedom to explore areas of the country you might never have seen otherwise. If your work doesn’t tie you down, don’t tie yourself down either!

Van Life Can Be Exciting

The freedom to explore all of the famous (or out-of-the-way) places in the country you’ve dreamed of seeing is a huge reason people love van life. You can explore cities and major national parks depending on your mood. You’ll become more self-reliant and learn what truly matters.

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If the van life is interesting to you, it’s important to have the right insurance coverage. Contact Freeway Insurance today to learn more about what you need to hit the road!

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