Who Is Satoshi Nakamoto?

Satoshi Nakamoto

Bitcoin is the most famous cryptocurrency, the leader in the rating of digital assets with the largest capitalization. The market value of Bitcoin is greater than similar totals of competing cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin is traded on a variety of global platformsfrom official platforms to small unregulated exchanges. Fluctuations in its exchange rate worry millions of investors and can influence the global market. Many people know about this digital currency, but no one knows one thingthe identity of its creator.

Appearance and departure

Domain Bitcoin.org was registered in the summer of 2008and just a few days later, a description of the Bitcoin cryptocurrency appeared on this website.

The document indicated the name of the developer of the cryptocurrencySatoshi Nakamoto. It is wellknown that in 2009, at the beginning of which the Bitcoin system was officially launched, Satoshi actively negotiated with programmers, to improve it. In 2010 Nakamoto handed over the source code to Gavin Andresen, reregistered the domains to multiple cryptocurrency holders, and left the project.

What is known about Satoshi?

Nakamoto himself, in a profile on the P2P Foundation resource, indicated that he was born on April 5, 1975, and lives in Japan. These stingy data failed to convince researchers that Satoshi is indeed an ethnic Japanese. He spoke English too well, in which he conducted negotiations. Linguistics experts have concluded that Nakamoto may well be a native speaker of British Englishhe often used words and expressions peculiar to the speech of British residents.

The English origin of Satoshi is also indicated by a quote from the British edition of The Times, to which he referred in the description of his cryptocurrency.

Also, linguists who studied Satoshi’s letters noticed that he wrote some words in the American manner, and there were errors in his sentences. Researchers immediately had a version that a group of programmers hiding under the nickname Nakamoto were trying to confuse mystery lovers. While some stated that Satoshi is a whole team, others argued that the founder of Bitcoin, which according to Buidlbee remains the most popular cryptocurrency, is a Briton who has spent a long time among the American population.

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The version that Nakamoto is Japanese was destroyed not only by his high English proficiency. Experts analyzed 500 messages left by Satoshi on various forums and noticed that he did not write between 14:00 and 22:00 Japanese time. Japanese netizens also contributed to the investigation, noting that in Japan it is not customary to write the first name before the last name, as Satoshi Nakamoto constantly did. Plus, he never wrote in Japanese and did not use words from the lexicon of the land of the rising sun.

Journalistic investigation

An employee of The New Yorker, journalist Joshua Davis decided to start searching for Satoshi by studying the list of guests of the Crypto 2011 conference. The attention of the journalist was attracted by Michael Clear, one of the best graduates of the prestigious college in Ireland. After learning that Clear not only brilliantly graduated from this educational institution but also developed software for Irish banks, Davis decided that he had finally found the real Satoshi. Unfortunately, the dialogue with Clear dispelled all the journalist’s hopesthe guy categorically denied his involvement in the creation of Bitcoin.

Special services investigation

Desperate to find the real Satoshi, many members of the crypto community were ready to recognize Elon Musk as a C++ genius. He has a lot of discoveries to his credit, so why not add Bitcoin to them? Musk immediately denied the rumors, but he did not cease to be one of the most ardent propagandists of cryptocurrencies.

Having failed with Musk, the researchers voiced one of the most incredible versions, saying that Bitcoin is a secret development of the US National Security Agency, and Satoshi is just a code alias. Interest in the theory of Bitcoin as a development of the NSA was unexpectedly fueled by CIA officers who stated that they could neither confirm nor deny the fact that there was specific information about Nakamoto’s identification.

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The most plausible theory

The version that the creator of Bitcoin is Nick Szabo has satisfied both conspiracy theorists and those who are used to relying solely on facts. The theory of Sabo’s participation in the launch of the cryptocurrency was studied back in 2013 by an expert named Sky Gray. The specialist stated that Nick is included in 0.1% of cryptographers whose style is similar to Satoshi’shandwriting“. Plus, it was Sabo who was looking for developers for a certain project called Bit Gold just a few months before the appearance of the cryptocurrency.

At the moment, no one can say for sure who Satoshi wasit is not even known whether he is alive or not, whether he worked independently or in a team, whether he left of his own free will or was forced to stay in the shadows. Perhaps the world will never know why Nakamoto gave up fame. On the other hand, by his act, he freed society from the cult of personality and demonstrated the anonymity of his network.

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