Who Is Jonathan Bailey Partner? Here Is What He Revealed About His Love Life

Who Is Jonathan Bailey Partner? Here Is What He Revealed About His Love Life

Bridgerton fame Jonathan Stuart Bailey is not dependent on any introduction. The English actor has come a long way with his skills in representing a variety of emotions. Though he keeps his personal life out of public sight, the buzz around who Jonathan Bailey partner is still on.

Jonathan has established a special place in Hollywood for himself with his performances in several dramas and movies. He worked apace with many big names in the industry including Stephen Sondheim, Ian McKellen, and David Hare, among many others.

His talent swayed the hearts of his audience and his generosity made everyone who met him a fan of his lively spirit.

People connect a lot with on-screen characters. So much so that they become willing to know about their real life as well. Apart from the actors’ on-screen performances, their real-life interests too become the talk of the town. The same is the case when we talk of Jonathan Bailey partner. Though he is not that open to talking about his love interests, very minute details are available.

Who Is Jonathan Bailey?

Jonathan Bailey is a globally acclaimed English actor born in 1988 in Oxfordshire in Wallingford (England). He celebrates his birthday on 25th April every year.

Jonathan Bailey Partner
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His grandmother introduced him to acting for the very first time when he was five. He developed a strong sense to pursue acting from that very time. Apart from acting, he also learned ballet, clarinet, and piano.

Who Is Jonathan Bailey Partner?

Whether Jonathan is in a relationship or not? Who is Jonathan Bailey partner? These questions have kept many off the hooks. Though the Leonardo fame has not openly talked about his relationships publicly ever, his name is often linked to James Ellis, Pippa Bennet-Warner and Simone Ashley.

Jonathan states that he doesn’t want to talk much about his relationships because he doesn’t want his personal life to become a “currency.” He also mentioned in an interview with GQ that he received advice from a co-star who said- “At the time he was told, ‘There’s two things we don’t want to know: if you’re an alcoholic or if you’re gay.”

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He further added that he felt that people in power can devalue all his talent and good work with that. Furthermore, he stated- “So, yeah, of course I thought that. Of course I thought that in order to be happy I needed to be straight.” (Source: GQ)

Later on, in 2018, he felt the urge to come up front with his truth. In his interview, he threw light on the point of time when he felt he was ready to admit his reality. This is what he said- “I’d much prefer to hold my boyfriend’s hand in public or be able to put my own face picture on Tinder and not be so concerned about that, than get a part.” (Source: GQ)

GQ expressed its views on this Laurence Olivier Awards Winning actor stating- “one of the few gay British actors working onscreen whose roles don’t seem defined wholly by their sexuality.” (Source: GQ)

  • Jonathan Bailey And James Ellis

Neither Jonathan nor James has ever officially validated their relationship on cameras or in interviews. However, there have been certain appearances they made together that spread gossip on the internet hinting James Ellis is Jonathan Bailey partner.

Jonathan Bailey Partner
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Jonathan attended the 2019 Laurence Olivier Award with James by his side. They both were also spotted dining together a few times.

  • Jonathan Bailey And Pippa Bennett-Warner

Again, Pippa and Jonathan have not officially announced that they are dating. 

Jonathan Bailey Partner
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They both worked together in an episode of Doctor Who. Though they have been photographed together a few times, it can’t be certainly said that they are anything more than friends.

  • Jonathan Bailey And Simone Ashley

Well, you’ve seen the on-screen chemistry between Jonathan and Simone. But if you’re curious if Simone Ashley is Jonathan Bailey partner off-screen, then you must know that they are no less than BFFs.

Jonathan Bailey Partner
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Not only did they both ensure to enlighten each other’s mood with gifts but they also developed a bond. The rumors of them being real-life love partners began to spike up last year. The Bridgerton stars admitted that they are close friends and acknowledge their amazing work chemistry. When asked about their bond the England-based actor said- “It was really special companionship.”

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Is Jonathan Bailey Married?

No, Jonathan Bailey isn’t married yet. But his name is often linked with a few of his friends. However, the actor keeps his personal life under wraps and especially his relationships.

Jonathan Bailey Early Life & Education

Jonathan natively belongs to England. He developed a special place for acting in his heart after coming across Lionel Bart’s play- Oliver! That was the time he became keen to learn acting along with two more performing arts- dancing and singing.

The Jack Ryan star got his ballet lessons from The Oratory School and later on joined Magdalen College School, Oxford. He wanted to grasp experience from only living these art forms and dropped the idea of taking admission to a drama school.

With a pre-planned idea of what he wanted to do, he hired an agent to fetch him auditions.

Jonathan Bailey Acting Career

Jonathan took the leap to acting quite early. He played his debut role in the 1997 drama Bramwell. After this, he progressively got roles in many television series. In 2009 he got to play the lead actor in the BBC sitcom Off The Hooks.

Jonathan’s name caught the limelight after his role in Leonardo and Campus. He also kept up with playing roles in Theatre Plays as well because that was what inspired him to act. The 34-year-old lad received Evening Standard Theatre Awards for his role in South Downs. He starred in many big hits like Broadchurch, American Psycho, Doctor Who, and Testament Of Youth.

Starting in 2014 he captivated people with his witty comic roles in W1A, Crashing, The Young Messiah, The Last Five Years, and Chewing Gum, among many others. His fans await to see him in his upcoming project release Fellow Travellers.

Jonathan Bailey has worked his fingers to bones for establishing a position in the Hollywood industry. So far, we’ve discussed Jonathan Bailey partner, his early life, and his career.

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