What Is The Best Free Route Planner?


These days, you may get your job done in less time, with less effort, and even with a smile, thanks to the myriad of innovative, cutting-edge technologies available. There is a good chance that the last time you drove to an unfamiliar location that included several stops, you utilized an application on your smartphone or tablet to get there. 

These materials have been an absolute godsend for those who earn their livelihood on the road, such as professionals. Finding the right logistics routing software could help you save time and money. This software would enable you to generate the fastest and most effective routes for your vehicles in a matter of moments while also cutting down on time it takes for them to complete their stops.

Google Maps

Google Maps completely dominate the mapping industry. You may use your smartphone, iPad , or another device to make travel arrangements. You are free to use it. It is one of the most comprehensive mapping systems since it includes turn-by-turn navigation.

Google Maps is mainly used for personal and recreational purposes. It’s the tool that makes moving from A to B the easiest, changing how people move globally.

Several people believe Google Maps’ route restriction is 10, although many methods exist to get past this.

Google Maps is a significant player in mapping and route-planning software. Many programs created mapping software on top of their technologies.

Google Maps’ new features, like Street View, make it a valuable resource.


RouteXL streamlines multi-stop itineraries for small company delivery drivers. RouteXL automatically optimizes the route based on the user’s inputted destinations.

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RouteXL may import a spreadsheet containing your destinations. You may share and save your journey. It’s free for 20 sites.

The product’s not-very-user-friendly UI may be challenging for new users to grasp. RouteXL may frustrate experts who would rather avoid the technology’s learning curve. RouteXL offers an introductory lecture for new users.

RouteXL is a leading solution for establishing delivery routes with 20 stops or fewer.


In 10 years, Waze has become a popular mapping app. Waze is a popular navigation program comparable to Google Maps. Google purchased Waze in 2013, so this isn’t unexpected. Waze’s unique features make it more than just another navigation app.

Waze uses cutting-edge mapping technology to make driving quick, easy, and fun. Real-time data from other Waze users are shown on quirky and colorful maps.

Waze provides reliable traffic information and alternate routes to help cars arrive swiftly and smoothly. Real-time traffic warnings have never been more accessible or exciting.

Voice technology ensures customers never miss their flight. Waze interacts with Spotify, so you can listen to music while navigating.


Several excellent free alternatives are available for route planning applications with limitless stops, each serving a distinct function. Your specific personal or professional requirements will determine which of the available free routing apps is the best option for you.

If you want an option that is a bit more advanced, it could be wise to spend a little bit of money on it. This is a basic rule. Most of the time, the route planning tool professionals use will wind up paying for itself via reduced travel expenditures and higher income levels.

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