What Is Robert Downey Jr Net Worth?: Have A Check At Iron Man’s Hard Earned Cash

What Is Robert Downey Jr Net Worth?: Have A Check At Iron Man's Hard Earned Cash

Fifty-six years old American producer and actor Robert Downey Jr. had already booked a place in people’s minds and kids’ hearts as the most cherished Iron Man of this age. With his renowned success, he is also widely acknowledged for being one among the richest actors in Hollywood. Junior Robert stepped into Hollywood by portraying a role in Robert Downey Sr’s (his father) Pound at the early age of 5 in 1983.

With such a triumphant career and fame that the Avengers star received, many had been curious to learn the ropes of Robert Downey Jr net worth. The actor who was a listed part of Forbes’s Highest-Paid Hollywood Actors nonstop for three years (2013 to 2015), presently has an estimated net worth of more than 300 million USD.


The Manhattan-born had quite a tough childhood as he had drug addiction which he actually acquired with his father’s support. There was a time when Junior Downey was completely indulged in drug consumption. He was taken under custody 6 times because of this. In fact, this impacted him on both professional and personal level.

Acting Career:

Starting off his career in acting was not out of the blue for the Tony Stark role player as he was born and brought up in a family who had been into the film industry. His father, Robert Downey Sr, who died back in 2021, was an American actor, director, and writer. Also, his mother, Elsie Downey (who died in 2014), was an actress and writer.

Downey Jr played theatre roles initially at the Joyce Theatre in 1983 and in shows like Saturday Night Live (SNL) in 1985 for about a year. But the actual kick-start to his career was after his appearance as Ian in Weird Science, a 1985 comedy/sci-fi film. He got to perform as a lead character in 1987 in The Pick-up Artist apace with Molly Ringwald. In the same year, Downey Jr was seen in a teenage drama movie, Less Than Zero, based on a novel portraying the role of a rich boy whose life got stuck in the vicious circle of drugs. His role play for the same was much acclaimed. Though his involvement in drug abuse had made him part ways with the film industry for a long period of time from 2001 to 2007, he made a stronger comeback after that.

What Is Robert Downey Jr Net Worth?: Have A Check At Iron Man's Hard Earned Cash
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After spending a considerable amount of time behind bars and at the rehabilitation center, Junior Robert made a strong comeback with hits like Iron Man and Tropic Thunder in 2008.

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Because of his brilliance in acting, Robert not only earned enormous titles but money as well. Let’s have a look at earnings from some of Junior Downey’s movies that added majorly to massive Robert Downey Jr net worth.

  • The Avengers- 50 Million USD
  • Avengers: Age Of Ultron- Approx, 60 Million USD (individually for both 2012 and 2015 releases)
  • Avengers: Infinity War- 40 Million USD
  • Avengers: Endgame- Approx. 77.48 million USD
  • Iron Man (First)- 500 Thousand USD
  • Iron Man (Second)- 10 Million USD
  • Iron Man (Third)- 70 Million USD
  • Captain America: Civil War- 40 Million USD
  • Spider-Man Homecoming- 15 Million USD

Production Line:

In 2010, Robert Downey Jr, together with his wife Susan Downey, set up his own production company- “Team Downey.” By this time, there are two movies, namely, The Judge (2014) and Dolittle (2021) & two TV series, namely, Perry Mason (featured on HBO, 2020) and Sweet Tooth (featured on Netflix, 2021), that got released under the name of this production house.

The Incredible Hulk actor is working on a project that is related to him directly and is anticipated to be out under the name of the same production company; it is going to be a documentary on his father’s life.

His acting abilities and producer mindset collectively add more than 345 million USD (more than 25 Hundred Crores INR) to Robert Downey Jr net worth.

Professional Singer:

Apart from Iron Man’s acting skills, his singing skill set is also to blame for adding such enormous amounts to his pockets and booming Robert Downey Jr net worth. Yes, Robert has also recorded songs for many of his movies; to name a few:-

  • Chaplin
  • Too Much Sun
  • The Singing Detective
  • Friends Lover
  • Two Girls and a Guy
What Is Robert Downey Jr Net Worth?: Have A Check At Iron Man's Hard Earned Cash
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He also showcased this talent in music videos, The Futurist and I Want Love. His singing performance on the series Ally McBeal holds a special commercial boom.

Car Collection:

The Iron Man fame has a car collection full of luxurious and expensive models. Here’s the list of cars Downey Jr owns:

  • 1970 Boss 302 Mustang: 49500 USD
  • Audi A7: 118553.28 USD
  • Audi A8: 86500 USD
  • Mercedes Benz Pagoda: 298K USD
  • Mercedes Benz Wagon: Around 132K USD

Apart from these, the actor also holds possession of Porsche, Corvette, Volvo Vdi, Bently, Ford F150, and Volkswagen GTI (2011 model).

Luxurious Mansions:

Robert Downey Jr net worth is not just made up of his on-screen revenues. The actor-turned-producer has invested much of his hard-earned money in exclusive and lush mansions.

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Robert is the owner of a seven-acre property in Malibu, California, that has beach-facing views and equestrian, which came at a price of more than 13 million USD. Apart from this, he also has one more estate in the same country that is worth 4 million USD. He shelled out the same amount of 4 million USD on another ranch property in Santa Monica in 2012.

One of his estates is located in Pacific Palisades, which happens to be in a beach-front zone and was purchased by the Team Downey founder for a whopping 2.5 million USD.

It seems like Robert had a special taste in California properties as he added to his house possessions another 5.6 million USD home upright in the city of Venice.

If we talk numbers, the actor has properties amounting to around 50 million USD in Los Angeles. Well, it is kind of expected to go with such a huge net worth that he has.


On a professional note, Robert is working to deliver the Sphere TV-Series that is expected to be aired on HBO. He can also be seen in Sherlock Holmes 3, a Team Downey project.


Robert spends his time and earnings for the benefit of society. He has raised funds through several Make-A-Wish programs and also supports Orca Network, which happens to be a whale center that runs on a non-profit basis. The actor also contributes to the Clothes Off Your Back Foundation, which caters to the needs of unprivileged children with the sale proceeds generated via putting celebrity’s clothes on auction.

What Is Robert Downey Jr Net Worth?: Have A Check At Iron Man's Hard Earned Cash
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Robert also launched a project that goes by the name- The Footprint Coalition, which thrives on using nanotechnology for the betterment of the planet.


The record of awards that are booked in the name of everyone’s beloved Iron Man is as huge as Robert Downey Jr net worth. Have a look at a few of them:

  • London Film Critics Circle Award For Actor Of The Year (1992)
  • Saturn Award For Best Actor (for two years- 1994 and 2009)
  • Golden Globe Award For Best Actor- Motion Picture Musical or Comedy (2010)
  • MTV Movie & TV Award For Best Hero (2019)
  • Kids’ Choice Award For Favourite Superhero (2019)
  • Kids’ Choice Actor For Favourite Movie Actor (2021)

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