Video Editor to Create Videos with Music

Creating a captivating video doesn’t only involve shooting but also editing the footage, the quality of which often predetermines the success of the video content among the viewers. Any successful YouTuber can prove that. The thing is that 65% of people are visual learners, that’s what the studies say. They want to consume quality video content and are not ready to make concessions for anyone, no matter how good their product is. 

However, video content is not only about visuals, it’s also about audio. It is hard to convey the emotional part of the video without the sound. In fact, the video editing process wouldn’t be complete without audio, which is why we’ve compiled a list of video editors that can help you create stunning videos with music

Choosing a Video Editor to Create Music Videos

Depending on how you are going to use a video, you may set different requirements for video editing software. Those shooting videos for social media like Instagram or Facebook stories would probably like mobile video editing apps more than those for desktop. That’s because their aim is fast and simple editing. They just don’t need loads of special effects and other tools for detailed video editing. 

Those creating video content for their websites, YouTube channels, IGTV, or other video-sharing platforms usually choose more advanced software. The main concern for this category of content creators is the level of their video editing skills. The more advanced they are, the more professional video editing software they can utilize. In this post, we’ll concentrate on video editors for desktop, which can fit both beginners and more advanced users.

Movavi Online Video Editor

Let’s start with an online video editor that will meet the basic needs of anyone working with video footage. Movavi allows you to edit video without downloading anything to your computer. It’s free to use and offers a sufficient number of tools for making basic edits. You can use various types of transitions available in the editor, adjust clip duration, and add music from the built-in royalty-free music library. If there’s no audio track you’d like to add to your footage, you are free to upload your own music. 

In an attempt to make their videos better, beginner editors can make mistakes adding too many transitions to their footage or choosing the soundtracks that don’t convey the overall mood of the video. Have a look at the most common mistakes people make when using video editors to avoid yours. 

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This software can satisfy the needs of a beginner video editor creating content for YouTube or social media. However, advanced users may consider its selection of features too short. If this is the case, you can download a paid version of Movavi video editor, which has much more to offer.   


  • Doesn’t require downloading;
  • Has a simple interface;
  • Allows cutting, cropping, flipping, and merging videos;
  • Free to use.


  • Limited video editing features in the free version.

Shotcut Video Editor

This video editor is one of the best free, open-source video editors in terms of audio editing tools. The variety of features available free gives you complete freedom on the way to creating perfect video clips and movies with music. Despite Shotcut being a free video editor, it supports 4K resolution videos and other latest audio and video formats. It also features a multi-format timeline for maximum convenience of editing. 

Getting back to the audio features offered by Shotcut, we can’t but mention the availability of various audio filters, volume control, audio mixing across tracks, tone generator, fade in and out audio, and many more tools allowing you to make the most detailed audio editing job. The editor features no in-built music library, but you can upload your own tracks to be used in a video.

Shotcut can work for both advanced ab beginner users. The latter can find their way through the software using free tutorial videos.


  • Native timeline editing;
  • Works on Linux, MacOS, and Windows;
  • Multitrack timeline with thumbnails and waveforms;
  • Supports a wide range of formats.


  • The interface might be a bit quirky;
  • Requires downloading.

OpenShot Video Editor

A user-friendly interface packed with lots of advanced video editing features is what OpenShot video editor can offer. This open-source free video editor is a cross-platform software that will satisfy the needs of both advanced and beginner users. Due to the FFmpeg library, OpenShot works with all popular audio and video formats, so you’ll have no trouble using any music file format for your footage. The program allows making an unlimited number of layers within a single project.

Using the free video editing tools, you can scale, resize, snap, rotate, or cut video to bring to life your vision of the product. A variety of audio editing features available in OpenShot allows adjusting each audio channel in your video individually. What’s more, you can render the audio waveform from the timeline into your video.

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  • Drag-and-drop feature;
  • Intuitive interface;
  • Keyframe animation;
  • Real-time transitions preview.


  • Some users report software lags.


Lightworks is a powerful video software using which you can create professional-grade videos. The software is available for free. It is compatible with MacOS, Linux, and Windows. The narrative-based timeline is easy to use regardless of your proficiency in video editing. The Lightworks creators claim the software reads all professional video formats. While editing videos in Lightworks, you can enjoy world-class trimming features, multi-cam editing, as well as use in-built presets, 2D and 3D title and text animation effects, and so many more. This software offers direct access to the royalty-free audio library for you to enhance your video with music. The audio editing features include audio mixing, audio EQ, and the possibility to work with a DAW station.


  • Access to cloud storage;
  • Ready-made titles and transitions;
  • No watermark.


  • The free version offers a limited number of features;
  • Videos can be exported up to 720p only.

HitFilm Express

A free-to-use product by FXhome, HitFilm Express, is a professional-grade video editor. It works with multiple video formats, including 4K, and is perfect for YouTubers, gamers capturing their gameplay, and just anyone who wants to create effective and quality video content. The software offers the biggest free VFX toolkit on the market, powerful motion-tracking and animation tools, as well as a variety of audio editing features to create stunning music videos.

This downloadable software is highly graded by professionals in the sphere and is a great example of a professional-level video editing program that can be used by beginner editors.


  • Free video tutorials and masterclasses;
  • Over 180 VFX in the free version;
  • Supports videos in 3D format;
  • Multiple video and audio filters.


  • It may be a bit difficult to use for beginners;
  • Access to more advanced features requires upgrading to HitFilm Pro.

Final Word

The magic you can create combining music and video requires certain skills, knowledge, and artistic taste. However, with quality video editing software, you can bring your videos to another, much higher quality level. Whichever video editor from our list you choose, be sure it will help you create a stunning video with music.

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