Useful tips for CCIE Security Candidates

The Cisco certifications have recently begun to soar to unprecedented heights and gain popularity like none before. As a result of the sudden surge in demand, it is now used as a standard to categorise job applicants with professional IT aptitude. The CCIE, a different certification provided by Cisco, is the same. However, the CCIE certification indicates that the professional holding it possesses all the technical know-how necessary to plan, execute, and configure security measures using Cisco solutions and IT resources. Their ultimate goal is to protect the company’s networking and other systems from all the destruction and hacking attempts suggested by hackers and cybercriminals. This credential seems more professional than some professionals would be ready to give it credit for and is not an entry-level qualification. Given that the IT landscape is continually threatened by cyber-breach or other technological weaknesses, security specialists are required who can take care of these problems well in advance; CCIE security engineers are in high demand these days.

How to Pass the Exam Advice

Given that you now have most of the knowledge required for the certification, you should focus on a few items if you intend to pass the test on your first attempt. You must have deduced from the lab and written exam description that this certification is not a joke and most definitely not an entry-level certification. Because of this, passing it requires significant concentration, and endurance and persistent effort are the only way to succeed. Another thing to remember is that you can skip extensive training to pass the written exam. Merely some understanding of the CCIE certification

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It is advised that you concentrate on the written exam first and not worry about the lab exam because you will have a longer time to prepare for it. Here is some tips that can help you pass the test almost on your first attempt:

Contact the CCIE Forums

The next thing you should do is sign up for a membership in the CCIE forum; it functions as a kind of community where various CCIE Security professionals engage with one another and assist one another by providing advice and extra details to help you obtain a thorough understanding of the exam structure. These experts are practically accessible all the time. Any questions you have about the test can be directed at them, and they will respond as soon as possible.

Prepare for the lab


As was previously demonstrated, passing the written exam is relatively easy if you have a basic understanding of how networking functions and have read extensively about the CCIE certification from Cisco handbooks or other study materials. It would be best if you got ready for the lab exam because it is the real deal. Try to practise as much as you can and thoroughly cover each subject. When you encounter difficulties, ask your lab instructors questions to help clear up your concepts.


Look for Your Weakness


You may find that a couple of the modules you practised while spending so much time in the lab are challenging; these are your weaknesses, and you should work to overcome them well before the exam. Make a note of your areas of weakness and the things you need to improve on and work extremely late the night before the exam to get these things in order.

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