Turn your traditional packaging into an ecological one

Companies around the world must take immediate action to reduce the environmental impact of their operations, regardless of the sector in which they develop. In particular, the use of packaging made from materials that take more than 100 years to degrade, such as plastic or glass, creates an environmental problem that may be irreversible.

But the effects are not only generated by the final consumer; in fact, each package requires resources for its manufacture, such as energy, water, chemicals, fibers, oil, among other materials. The manufacturing processes generate greenhouse gas emissions, heavy metals in the atmosphere, and contamination of aquifers.

Given this scenario, what can your business do to reduce the environmental impact of its packaging? Taking an interest in the subject and reading this article is the first step. The second is to start a transformation process towards using sustainable materials in the packaging your company uses to counteract environmental damage. Access the necessary capital for this transformation through financing products such as ITIN loans.

Pros and cons to starting using an eco-friendly packaging

Going eco-friendly in the packaging your company uses generates positive aspects; however, some negative ones are part of the process. Get to know the pros and cons of the ecological transformation:

  • Pros

– Reduces your carbon footprint

– They are biodegradable

– Non-toxic for you and your customers’ health

– Versatile uses

– Raises brand preference

  • Cons

– Risk of cross-contamination if not directed to proper recycling facilities.

– The cost of change can be expensive for many small businesses but profitable in the medium and long term.

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If you do not have a budget allocated for this transformation, turn to ITIN loans and obtain the necessary capital to respond responsibly to your company’s environmental impact.

Packaging ideas to create this eco-friendly transition

Transformation processes in any company should be carried out gradually, according to the possibilities and needs of the firm. One of the first doubts that business owners have when going eco-friendly on their packaging is the most environmentally friendly materials? There is no exact answer since it depends on the type of use that will be given to the packaging, even after disposal, but we can give you some recommendations:

    • Use as much recycled content as possible, with high post-consumer recyclability.
    • If you use virgin material in paper-based material, find FSC or SFI certified sources.
    • Avoid the use of chemicals
    • Do not use oxo-biodegradable material
    • Please do not use petroleum-based poly 
  • If customized solutions are required, it is preferable to contract the services of companies specialized in the transformation to the use of sustainable materials, such as Ecoenclose or Company Box.

Tips for beginning your change to an eco-friendly packaging

Implementing eco-friendly packaging in your company requires the creation of commercial strategies, labor policies, and even re-education projects for consumers. Take the following tips when starting the transformation of the packaging you use.

  • Educate consumers with good recycling practices: Include the recycling icon on your label and the containers or packaging of your products. This way, they will know that it is recyclable.
  • Use plant-based materials: Alternatives such as bioplastic or packaging made with corn or mushrooms degrade in simpler conditions.
  • Create alliances with other companies with sustainable practices: Doing so will allow you to maintain your ecological practices in all your business processes.
  • Use various alternatives of compostable materials: Not all materials can be processed in any space; you can use options industrially degraded at home and others.
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Becoming an environmentally responsible company will bring multiple benefits to your business. Companies interested in improving ethical aspects, as well as social and environmental commitment, raise brand reputation. Additionally, it will allow you to seek governmental and private incentives for green businesses. Considering all these advantages, raising capital through ITIN loans, and starting the transformation immediately, you can do your part for the cause.


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