Trio Country Music Band Becomes Chicks From Dixie Chicks

Trio Country Music Band Becomes Chicks From Dixie Chicks

Recent reports from the entertainment industry reveal that the country music band called Dixie Chicks has changed their name to Chicks. The name has been changed on all their official social media accounts, and the ladies refer themselves as just chicks now. Last week on June 25, the name of their Twitter handle became @thechicks from being @dixiechicks. The trio in the band includes Natalie Maines, Emily Strayer, and Martie Erwin Maguire. Their new name is on their Facebook and Instagram accounts as well. There is an official statement posted on the Dixie Chicks Website that says that they want to meet the moment.

The name Dixie is a term for the Southern states of the USA, the ones that were a part of the Confederacy. The new song of the band has created quite a stir and has also received massive appreciation. The name of the song is March March, and it is a part of the album Gaslighter, which is also their comeback project. Their song is based on the recent movement of #BlackLivesMatter. So, you will be able to see glances of the protests and rallies that took place recently.

Name change of Lady Antebellum

Last month in June, another band that makes country music also changed their name from Lady Antebellum to Lady A, and the announcement was made on social media. The band members of Lady A put up a public post saying that after lots of discussions with their Black friends, they have concluded that the Antebellum must be removed from the band’s name. Besides, Lady A band members Charles Kelly, Hillary Scott, and Dave Haywood apologized publicly for being ignorant of such a serious matter of slavery for so long.

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Along with that, they clarified their intentions behind the name Antebellum. According to them, most of their music during their initial days were in the Southern part, and therefore the name. After accepting their mistake and ignorance, the band members said that the entire George Floyd incident worked like an eye-opener for them. Moreover, they are now trying to consider whatever is happening around, and the gravity of the situation.

The name controversy with Lady A

On the contrary, there is a problem that has aroused regarding the name Lady A recently. It is that Anita White, a popular blues singer is popular by the moniker Lady A. So, the names are now clashing. Since White is popular as Lady A for the past two decades, it has now become offensive for her. It is hard to accept such a mistake on part of the country band. Later, a representative of the Lady A band clarifies that it was not intentional.

Everyone must know that neither of the band members was aware of Anita White before the incident. Therefore, they are now planning to connect with her to settle down the situation. Later, they put up an Instagram post describing their interaction with Anita White. They said that they met her and they had pretty transparent, authentic, and honest conversations. They are now trying to move on with some good solutions.

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