Tricks and Tips EVERY Rust PRO Knows

Playing Rust is not for the feeble-minded at all. But the game can be fascinating and challenging in a great way. Rust introduces players to a harsh world where they’re running from animals, other players, and a deadlier enemy, which is starvation. The most challenging part is that you start the game with a rock, a torch, and nothing else. You can use the rock to break stones or cut trees and kill animals for food and cloth. When you chop down a tree, you’ll get wood, and when you mine stones, you get materials to make weapons or the gears you need. 

Now you see why this game tests your patience, resilience, and intelligence. But don’t worry, many players survive the harsh world, and you will too. In this article, we present tricks and tips that Rust Professionals knows to help you. Also, we recommend you grab the best rust cheats to simplify the game and survive. 

So, if you’re ready to survive this game, check the Pro tips and tricks below. 

Rust Tricks and Tips 

1. Keep important items out of a base.

One annoying thing you can experience in Rust is base raid. Many players attack other players’ bases to steal their items and any important thing they need. So, if you don’t want to lose everything, keep some not-so-important items in your base and hide the most important ones elsewhere. For example, you can hide your items under the foundation of your base instead of inside. That way, looters can only find the useless items and not the important ones. 

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2. Prepare your respawn place early.

Here is another Pro strategy to play Rust. First, make sure you prepare the spot you aim to respawn by creating the sleeping bag. Since every player respawns on the beach, why not create your sleeping bag and place it there. This step early in the game will ensure that you land in a strategic location when you enter the game again. To build the bag, get some hemp fibers for it. A hemp plant gifts you with 10 cloth, and a sleeping bag requires 30 cloth. So, find the plant and prepare your spot. 

3. The Eastside or the Westside 

There are places where you can get everything you need, but unfortunately, they’re scattered all over the map. In Rust, if you’re searching for animals to kill for food or to craft several resources, you have to target the east. But bear in mind that the animals are not friendlies at all. They also attack and kill players. Now, if you’re searching for other things that animals don’t provide, head over to the west side. At least, no animal will be targeting you. 

4. Don’t attract attention unnecessarily. 

It doesn’t make sense to expose your location to every Rust player moving about on the map. That’s why you must avoid anything that attracts attention. For instance, instead of cooking at night, it will be better to cook during the day. This is because starting a fire at night exposes your base. Any player that sees the illumination or the smoke will rush down to your base and loot your items. But if you must cook at all when it is dark, move away from your main location to confuse the enemies. 

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5. Target the right spots for loot

Many pro players know the right spot to get what they want in Rust. So, don’t wander without knowing the exact places to go. If you aim to find some scrap materials, move towards the ocean. Those fishing villages there contain many scraps to use, especially the coastal areas. Moreover, these area is not too risky for you. But if you’re searching for hemp and food, search along the rivers on the map. These areas have abundant hemp and food to meet your needs. But know that other players might be there as well. So, be careful too. 

6. Abandoned buildings are dangerous.  

One of the dangers that lie within abandoned buildings is radiation. These buildings may seem safe from the outside, but the level of radiation within can kill a player. Every Pro player knows this and strategizes their entrance. The reason you have to enter at all is that the buildings also houses many good materials. So, they are important and dangerous. But if you wear protective gear, you can approach unless there’s a crackling sound coming from it. If you do, run for your dear life. 


Rust is a game that offers many challenges and exciting situations. Imagine that you can even starve to death if you don’t cook or grab some barbecue. The game depicts many real-life scenarios except maybe the attacking animals and opportunistic players. So, if you’re ready to enjoy the Rust map, use these pro tips and tricks above. Also, consider using the best Rust hacks for a more enjoyable time in the game. 


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