Top Tennis Betting Tipsters

Gambling has never been as popular as it is now with smartphones and the internet. Today, the top 10 online gambling sites see an unprecedented amount of traffic, and countries around the globe are becoming laxer in regulating this activity, wanting to rake in the tax revenues it can provide.

According to a recent Grand View Research study, in 2022, the global sports betting market pulled in $83 billion in revenues, and it is on track to keep growing at a rate of 10.3% annually throughout this decade. The consulting market firm’s report cites an upsurge in eSports wagering as one of the causes for this sector’s upwards trend. But developing digital infrastructure and relaxing frameworks to regulate betting/gambling have also played a role. Moreover, it may surprise many, but tennis ranks as one of the top internet sportsbook drivers, as gambling operators see loads of betting action on it, particularly for its four Grand Slam events. It is the second biggest sport for in-play turnover in the industry.

Hence, the popularity of tennis wagering has given rise to countless tipsters who look to profit from the traction this hobby has recently received by referring gamblers to betting sites. Affiliate marketing is big business now, and some of these tipsters have developed paid advice services where they recommend wagering markets at specific platforms. Below, we rattle off a few top tippers supplying wagering suggestions and data to tennis gamblers worldwide, along with some of their background info.

Brad Gilbert

Most hard-core tennis fans know Gilbert. He was an established player in the 1980s and early 1990s, even ranking at the number four spot worldwide as a singles competitor. He took home a bronze medal at the 1988 Seoul Olympics, and after retiring, he coached multiple top players, such as Andy Murray, Andy Roddick, and Andre Agassi. Thus, without question, Brad knows boatloads about the game. And he has shared his insights with ESPN’s fanbase, plus his own, as a best-selling author. Though not a dedicated gambling handicapper, the suggestions he offers on his Twitter profile should get followed by anyone actively engaged in tennis betting, as they are nuggets of info worth their weight in gold.

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NC Tennis Selections

Now, NC Tennis is a handicapper, an unknown tipster providing daily picks on Twitter. Despite our best efforts, we cannot tell you who is behind this handle, as we do not know, but they run two accounts, NC Tennis Bets and NC Tennis Selections. On the first profile, the person in charge lists game selection and odds daily. And on the latter, he only posts the players he favors in specific contests. NC Tennis gives WTA, ATP, and Challenger matches tips, and all he wants in return for his advice is that you buy him a cup of coffee, or in other words, support him with a $3 donation through

Dan Weston

Weston is a columnist for BetFair, CloudBet, and Pinnacle Sports. He also owns/runs the website Tennis Ratings, boasting a terrific reputation in the gambling sector as an analyst and trader who uses his accounting background to implement statistical analysis for preparing pre-match and live betting market recommendations. Dan has developed innovative trading data and pre-match pricing models that create match suggestions, which he shares with his site’s visitors and Twitter followers. He has also authored a famous book on online tennis trading named – Mastering Tennis Trading, which Weston published in 2015, and is available on Amazon for $36.99.


According to his social media profiles, Nishikori has a +6.0% Yield in +4,000 picks, using Pinnacle odds only. He has around five thousand followers on Twitter, where he is super active, and Nishikori recently began to write tennis-related articles for Pinnacle. He rates himself as one of the world’s best tennis tippers, offering picks on ATP competitions only. Though, he makes it clear that he is not in the business of forecasting winners. But in detecting value odds. He supplies a premium paid service via Pyckio, selling one thousand bet choices as a package costing €1,500. That is his best-value deal.

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Jake Davies

Davis is a Welsh sports writer with years of experience whose primary focus has always been on tennis. He is now a part of the staff of the Tennisform ticker, which delivers player quotes, injury news, and match reports. For those who prefer to bet on ongoing games, Jake is the man to follow on Twitter. He frequently gives live commentary there, not just reporting on the matches but adding his insightful opinions that break down clashes into their tiny details. That is invaluable information for bettors looking to do some in-play wagering.


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