Top 10 Celebrities Associated With Fake News in 2023


The term “fake news” has existed for many years to deceive readers and make them believe in untruthful information and events. With the development of social media, fake pieces of news started to spread more quickly than before.
As a rule, famous celebrities are the subject of false news. Let’s consider popular public figures that are most associated with fake pieces of news in 2023.

Tom Brady
Tom Brady, undoubtedly, deserves the title of celebrity who is most associated with fake pieces of news. Posts mentioning Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback alongside the phrase “fake news” were viewed by a lot of people worldwide. Usually, the news covered Tom’s recent divorce announcement, his fortune after a recent crypto collapse, and his possible retirement.

Elon Musk
SpaceX founder, Tesla CEO, and recently Twitter owner Elon Musk is known not only as one of the richest men in the globe. His name is likewise actively mentioned with false news in posts seen by a large number of users. You have the possibility to make use of the best VPN service for Singapore if some news websites or other media are unavailable in your country. With VeePN, you can access online content and find out what controversial moves Elon Musk did which became the basis for the emergence of untruthful news.

 Tom Holland
The recent biggest news around Spider-Man star Tom Holland rotates around his relationship with his Spider-Man co-star and girlfriend Zendaya. After these celebrities made a decision to avoid the spotlight, this led to speculations that the couple broke up. Also, the English actor is associated with the latest bizarre false news that he fell into a well and had frozen to death.

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 Kanye West
Kanye West became the subject of untruthful news posted on social media. The reasons were his antisemitic comments and dubbing conspiracy theories. There is no need to say that a popular rapper and fashion designer runs into intense criticism from other celebrities and regular people.

Leonardo DiCaprio
Lately, you can often come across news headlines that cover Leonardo DiCaprio’s private life rather than his acting career. The reason was his breaking up with his model girlfriend several weeks after her 25th birthday. This led to the emergence of many posts with false news and DiCaprio became actively associated with this term.

Shakira is one of the famous celebrities that are mentioned with false news increasingly. This is very likely because of her breakup with Spanish football legend Gerard Piqué. Let’s not forget about the latest Spanish tax fraud allegations pursuing the Colombian singer.

Will Smith
Nowadays, it will be difficult to find a person who would not know about an event that occurred at the Oscars. After Will Smith slapped Chris Rock, this led to the appearance of a lot of untruthful news. Although the hype around this occasion subsided, it is expected that Smith will be the subject of false news for a long time.

 Joe Rogan
Joe Rogan is known as a UFC color commentator and podcaster but also as a celebrity that is often mentioned alongside the term false news. “Fake news” posts associated with Joe Rogan reached a large number of users around the world. Plenty of attention was attracted to Joe for his show, 70 episodes of which were removed from Spotify for insensitive language.

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Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift was and continues to be a celebrity greatly associated with false news. Her actions, for example, using a private jet and commentaries about whether she writes her own songs are the main reasons for the emergence of the latest untruthful news about the pop star.

Last but not least popular singer that is the subject of false news is Rihanna. After she gave birth to her first child, this acted as a source of inspiration for misinformation.

Nowadays, since the internet evolves, it is much easier to access news and find out what’s going on in the world. However, one should be attentive since you can come across news with no grain of truth.
Every day a large amount of fake news about some celebrities is posted, usually as a joke. Still, the above-discussed public figures are most often mentioned on the internet or other media alongside the term false news.

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