Toni Braxton’s biography: Following her as a a stylish icon

Toni Braxton's biography

Tony Michelle Braxton was born on October 7, 1967, in Severn, Maryland. Daughter of a minister of apostolic worship, she grew up in an oppressive environment, characterized by the strictest religious rigor: among the many prohibitions imposed by the rigorous parents, even listening to the songs broadcast on the radio. Like so many kids, Toni finds a way to break the iron house rules; and when the parents go out on Saturdays to go shopping, Toni and her sisters stick to the radio to listen to “Soul Trane,” their favorite music program. The strict gospel formation leads her to sing in the church choir from the first years of life, but in secret, she grows listening to Stevie Wonder and Chaka Khan. If you are interested in Toni Braxton’s biography, then you are in the right place.


Getting know: The famous Toni Braxton’s biography

Toni Braxton's biography

Toni Braxton was born in Maryland. As the daughter of a preacher with a strong religious belief, Toni grew up in churches, singing only sacred music, not being allowed any contact with popular music, or even wearing pants or makeup. 



Braxton began his solo career in 1993




After facing bankruptcy and legal problems with his record label, Braxton released a new album The Heat, published in 2000 but unable to repeat its predecessors’ success. Years later, he released two new studio albums More Than a Woman, released under the label of Arista Records and Libra, under the Blackground Records label. Still, both have had minimal impact on the music scene.

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Achievement of Toni Braxton


The Braxtons released the single The Good Life in 1990, which was not a success. But served to make them notice the group of hottest composers at the time, LA Reid and Babyface. Who had just formed their label associated with Arista: LaFace Records. Toni Braxton became the first female artist to sign for the new name in 1991, and the following year. They released it to the public on the soundtrack for the movie Boomerang. 


Her debut Love Shoulda Brought You Home a hit on the Pop, and R & B charts and the song Give You My Heart, alongside Babyface. The two singles gained such fame that when their first album came in 1993, people were looking forward to it.


Toni Braxton’s biography – Reltionship


Braxton herself has never wanted to confirm their relationship. Although Birdman goes with her to many public events when her teenage children do not. The little boy, Diezel, was diagnosed with autism at age three. Since finding out in the middle of the past decade, Braxton involved in awareness campaigns about this psychological disorder. A year ago, he claimed that his 13-year-old son had already passed him. 


Conclusion on Toni Braxton’s biography

The television fame that the sisters have achieved has served to resume their musical careers. Some with more success than others. Tamar Braxton, the little one, has garnered the most attention. She has just released his second studio work, Bluebird of Happiness. She also featured it on the Wendy Williams talk show aired by FOX.

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