This Is How Jeff Bezos’s Girlfriend’s Birthday Wish Marked His 58th Birthday

This Is How Jeff Bezos's Girlfriend's Birthday Wish Marked His 58th Birthday

Jeff Bezos never failed to amaze people through his net worth, but this time the founder of Amazon is in the limelight because of celebrations with his girlfriend. And if like other netizens, you are also wondering who Jeff Bezos’s girlfriend is, then you’ve landed in the right place.

It wasn’t soon enough when the name of one of the world’s crazily rich men caught the media’s attention over again while he was seen with Lauren Wendy Sanchez at his own birthday party in early January this year. The way she wished Bezos left many in awe! It was one of the only posts on Instagram that revealed how Lauren actually has a distinct impression of Jeff, who, according to her, is more often celebrated for his intellect than his sentiments. Wondering what the special wish was? Well, discover it in this article…..


Lauren Sanchez, who has an excellent career as a news reporter, anchor, host, and pilot, happens to be Jeff Bezos’s girlfriend. The 52-year-old famous media personality utilizing her aviation skills to the fullest founded an aerial filming and production corporation- Black Ops Aviation, which happens to be the first female-owned aerial film and production company.

This Is How Jeff Bezos's Girlfriend's Birthday Wish Marked His 58th Birthday
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Now a renowned news reporter, Lauren, has served as a desk assistant at KCOP-TV in LA. Gradually stepping up her career ladder, she was appointed as a TV anchor and reporter for KTVK-TV and Extra. Soon after that, she worked in the same niche, this time for Fox Sports Net (now known as Fox Sports Network), serving which she also earned a place in Emmy nominations.

Showcasing her talent as an entertainment anchor, she highlighted her place by featuring in KTTV in Phoenix and earned several accolades in 2000, including the Season 2 competition of/at The View. She was seen in Fox 11’s shows- Good Day LA and Ten O’Clock News (Good Day LA marks her longest presence as a co-host from 2011 to 2017).

She rocked the stage of So You Think You Can Dance with her energetic hosting before she took some break ahead of welcoming her second child (Evan) with her ex-husband Patrick Whitesell. The ‘entertainment reporting gig’ made her come back as a special correspondent and weekend anchor at Extra.

Jeff Bezos’s girlfriend has also got featured in People and Us Weekly magazines. Also, she was a special correspondent for Going Deep, a sports magazine, and a reporter for Fox Sports Net’s (FSN) sports television show Best Damn Sports Show Period.

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Presently, she is devoting her time to many TV shows, including Good Day LA and Extra, while looking for on-screen opportunities to display her skills as a pilot.


Lauren took to her Instagram account to share her heartfelt birthday wish for Jeff on January 12 this year, sharing some glimpses of Bezos’s life in a short video and confessing her love for him at the end.

This Is How Jeff Bezos's Girlfriend's Birthday Wish Marked His 58th Birthday
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Along with that, this is what she wrote to him in the caption: “If I had one wish for you on this 58th time around the sun, it would be that the world will see you through my eyes. Yes everyone knows you are brilliant, but they don’t always see your heart the way my eyes do. They don’t see the man who puts everything aside to help a sick friend, but my eyes do. They don’t see the man who wakes up early every morning to make breakfast for the kids so they can laugh and talk about life and science and how to make this world a better place—my eyes do. They don’t see the man who wants everyone to feel joy, who’s heart is immeasurable and who’s ability to love is infinite. My eyes see this. Happy birthday mi vida. I wake up everyday excited to love you.” SOURCE: Instagram

The video starts off with childhood pics of Mr. Bezos and gradually discloses glimpses of his happy times and achievements.


Jeff and Lauren are believed to be together since early 2018. Gossips about their secret meetings began to get publicity while Bezos was married to his now ex-wife Mackenzie Scott. In fact, some believe this to be the reason why Mackenzie and Bezos separated paths in 2019.

It was in February 2019 when Bezos accused David Jay Pecker of blackmailing and extortion regarding his relationship with Lauren in an online published essay by him.

Jeff and Lauren were spotted publicly soon after he got divorced from Mackenzie in 2019 and have been labelled as ‘partners.’ They made several appearances together on a number of occasions as they took part in the annual conference of Allen & Company in Sun Valley, Idaho, and Men’s Wimbledon Finals. They were also seen cruising in Spain on Geffen’s superyacht while vacationing with Lloyd Blankfein, Josh Kushner, and his wife, Karlie Kloss.

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This Is How Jeff Bezos's Girlfriend's Birthday Wish Marked His 58th Birthday
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Three years back, on Lauren’s 50th birthday, Jeff is reported to have thrown a swanky party with a private dinner where he invited many big names of the industry Diane von Furstenberg, Barry Diller, Timothee Chalamet, Orlando Bloom, and Katty Perry.

Jeff Bezos’s girlfriend’s son- Nikko Gonzalez, along with his mother, also accompanied Bezos on vacations to French-speaking Caribbean Island- St. Barths (also referred to as Saint Barthélemy). 

Together they both attended many evnts and ceremonies, to mention a few- they were together when they visited Mumbai, India, for an Amazon prime Video Event, and when they met French President Emmanuel Macron in Paris for a meeting.

Lauren wished Bezos luck on Instagram ahead of the release of Blue Origin in 2021. Here is what she wrote in the caption: “Good luck on the launch my love. This morning you and your @blueorigin team will be launching 4 incredible people into space, just yards away from where we were riding horses yesterday. Truly incredible!

“You never cease to amaze me.” SOURCE: Instagram

In November 2021, Bezos and Lauren attended the LACMA Art+Film Gala in LA. Leonardo DiCaprio was also present there, and it’s no wonder. But many began to troll Bezos over a short clip where Leo and Lauren were seen talking. Surprisingly the Amazon founder joined in the memes, and his humorous reply to DiCaprio became the talk of the town in no time. Bezos wrote to DiCaprio on Twitter with an image of his (Bezos) where he can be seen leaning over a board which reads “DANGER! STEEP CLIFF, FATAL DROP,” and he captioned it as follows: “Leo come over here, I want to show you something…” SOURCE: Twitter

Jeff Bezos and Lauren Sanchez together welcomed 2022 with a retro-themed glam party.

Jeff Bezos’s girlfriend, who herself is a mother of 3, often shares Bezos’s fatherly side on social media, where he can be seen preparing cookies for kids or teaching them science.

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