The Progressive Music Career of Kanye West

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Kanye West faced a significant public backlash from famous people such as Lady Gaga, President Obama, and the general public. This uproar was caused by an infamous incident where he told Taylor Swift that Beyonce had amazing videos. These remarks were made on stage as Taylor Swift made her acceptance speech after winning the best video award. His popularity seemed to be on shaky grounds at the time, and as such, Kanye West sought to take time away in Hawaii. It wasn’t until November 2010 that he came back with an apology album.

My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy has been regarded as the most impressive masterpiece ever created by the American Rapper. It featured 13 songs, including Power, All of the Lights, Runaway, Monster, among many others. Though the public was displeased with his actions during the VMAs, they separated the person from the artist. Kanye West, the artist, had outdone himself and gained remarkable traction musically that favored the rise of other stars. In the production of My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, many artists came through for Kanye West as collaborators.

Some were renowned artists such as Jay-Z Carter and John Legend. There were others who featured in the songs and were yet to become A-list celebrities. Justin Vernon, Nicki Minaj, La Roux’s Elly Jackson, Alicia Keys, Rihanna, Charlie Wilson, Elton John, Drake, and Bon Iver contributed to the making of the MBDTF album. A couple of the principal collaborators on the all-time hit produced by Kanye West had their breakthroughs following the album’s release. Pink Friday, an album by Nicki Minaj, was scheduled for release at the same time as the iconic MBDTF.

After the performance of Nicki Minaj on Monster, rappers including Rick Ross acknowledged her talent. The same happened to Pusha T after the two singles known as Runaway and So Appalled. Kanye West made regular collaborations with these artists through the GOOD. Music record label where West is currently the president. From 2010, the American rapper has launched three albums, which have acquired worldwide acclaim. In 2019, his latest production, Daytona, was nominated for a Grammy Award.

Whereas Kanye West may have had a different plan during the production of My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, the album had a lifelong impact on its listeners. My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy pushed the limits of the hip-hop industry. It saw the rise of a new trajectory for this genre of music. It took the top qualities of Kanye West and alleviated them, something that transformed the industry. Kanye West improved his combination of collaborators, production traits, and sampling. The first track in the My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy was Dark Fantasy.

It introduced the topics of hedonism, decadence, and the cost of fame. My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy followed the same cue as other albums from the American rapper. Though the public disapproved of what Kanye West did to Taylor Swift, his music made it to the top of the charts. In the United States, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy had 496,000 copies put out in the market. It amassed 1.7 billion streams on the digital music service Spotify, which is an impressive number.

My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy is behind other West’s records like The Life of Pablo along with Graduation. It had higher ratings than his classic album, The College Dropout. The College Dropout had been acknowledged by Slant Magazine, XXL, and Pitchfork. The appeal of this album took a lengthy period to reach the top slots on various sites like Rolling Stone, Complex, and Billboard. His contemporaries also acknowledged the impeccable work done by Kanye West through the album. Paul McCartney admitted that My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy was a desirable project. Pusha T referred to it as rap in GOAT level, while Elton John said it was a brilliant record.

Critics were eager to give their reviews after the recent album from Kanye West appeared rushed. MBDTF took several hours of planning and dedication in the studio. According to the American rapper Power, one of the singles in My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy took up 5000 hours of production. Kanye West committed equal energy to all the other songs. He also acknowledged the input of other collaborators who helped put together My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.

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