The late Arthur Ashe


The US Open is played at the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center. Its main venue is called the Arthur Ashe stadium. If you want to get tennis and kabaddi kabaddi updates, all you need to do is to visit the 1xBet website and set up an account for absolutely free.

But who was Arthur Ashe in the first place? He was a tennis player from the United States. He had a professional career that lasted between 1959 and 1980. If you want to wager on other highly accomplished tennis players and get kabaddi updates for your favorite kabaddi matches, then 1xBet is your site.

Breaking barriers

It is worth noting that Arthur Ashe was a black player. This is essential to know in order to understand the barriers that he needed to break throughout his career. Despite facing lots of difficulties because of his ethnicity, he managed to overcome all of that and become a fantastic player. Visit now the website to wager on some fantastic kabaddi players who perform in many matches.

Ashe’s achievements are simply incredible. Some of the things he obtained throughout his career include:

  • winning 76 singles titles, with 44 of them being from the Open Era;
  • while his best ranking was number 2 by backtracking the modern ATP rankings, other statistics put him as number one during 1975;
  • also, he won 18 doubles titles.

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Life after professional tennis

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Arthur Ashe was forced to retire as a professional tennis player due to a heart condition. He was 36 years old at the time. However, it is fair to say that he could have continued for longer if this problem had never emerged. There is only one place to get the best tennis betting odds online – 1xBet has the best rates for all matches that all members of the platform can enjoy.

His heart problems started to become more serious as time passed. In fact, in 1981 he came quite close to returning from the sport. He had undergone heart surgery to fix some of the problems. However, during a training session, he developed some pain in the chest, and the doctors urged him to end his career. If you want to wager on other fantastic tennis players while also getting the best online betting odds, then 1xBet is the place where you want to sign up.

After his retirement he became a public figure for creating awareness about heart diseases in the United States. Sadly, in 1993, Arthur Ashe passed away at the age of 49 due to other health problems. Yet, his legacy as a player who broke barriers will always endure.

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