The Best Video Streaming Services for 2022

Video Streaming

Online streaming services like Netflix started as an add-on to digital download and DVD ordering and have featured a trickle of second-run TV shows and movies. They are supplements to programs you have watched on their first or second run on cable TV. The decline of traditional cable TV has started with the rise in high-speed Internet services and the abundance of media streaming devices.  A wide range of people is cutting the cost of their cable TV and switching towards platforms dedicated to online streaming alternatives.

However, the threat is not going unnoticed by entertainment and IT titans, and the media landscape is evolving quickly. The main objectives of the players are consolidation and curation (i.e., owning the most media sites and providing the most significant content), even if doing so results in a preservation problem. You now have an overwhelming number of options due to the proliferation of streaming providers. So, here in this blog, we will explore Streaming trends in 2022. We will also go through a deep insight into why & How Netflix is dominating over other online streaming platforms. 

Why We Picked Netflix?

Netflix is prominent among the video streaming service providers. Netflix hosts an impressive content selection and is consistently growing its online library of premier programming, which might outclass other streaming platforms. Its catalog includes Black Mirror, Orange is the New Black, Altered Carbon, The Umbrella Academy, Russian Doll, Bojack Horseman, Stranger Things, Mindhunters, Dead to Me, original anime, and The Witcher. However, Netflix has lost top titles such as the Office to NBC’s peacock and friends to HBO Max. Apart from the original movies like The Irishman and El Camino, it also provides high-definition movies of any streaming services to dominate other platforms such as Hulu, HBO, and Amazon Prime Videos.

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Who It’s For

Netflix is a premium service for those prepared to shell out top dollar. Recently, Netflix increased the cost of its two more expensive subscription plans. You may stream unlimited standard-definition content on one device for $9.99 monthly. The Standard plan, which currently costs $15.49 a month, allows access to HD material and simultaneous viewing on two devices. The most expensive Premium plan has a monthly fee of $19.99. This tier allows you access to four concurrent streams and, when available, 4K material. A less expensive, ad-supported tier of Netflix is also available for $6.99 a month. In addition to lacking premium benefits, this cheap tier excludes some Netflix original programming. Notably, Netflix no longer provides a free trial option but claims that it is not strictly prohibiting the sharing of passwords. You may download Netflix apps on several gadgets, such as your Chromecast, gaming console, PC, and tablet. Yes, you may now disable the annoying auto-playing previews as well.

Other new Netflix features include Screen Lock for Android devices, which stops accidental screen taps, and more parental control settings, which allow you to censor content and profiles. Netflix is one of the few streaming services that allow offline downloads and 4K and HDR streaming, and Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV, and Disney+ (now on Macs, too). Surprisingly, Netflix still offers a DVD mailing service if you prefer newer, physical releases, even though streaming is undoubtedly the company’s primary revenue stream.

Why does Netflix Dominate?

Exclusive Tv Shows and Movies 

Shows like Cobra Kai, Punisher, Altered Carbon, The Witcher, Sense8, Lucifer, Daredevil, The Queen’s Gambit, Narcos, and many others are exclusively available on this platform.   All of these are great alternatives for watching on lazy Weekends and Holidays. 

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High Quality

It provides its programming in Ultra HD (4K), Full HD (1080p), SD (480p), and High Dynamic Range. However, it is also true that you need to buy costly plans to get high quality, but still, most premium plans are relatively affordable, still, it is not a big hurdle for many users. Although not every content is offered in HDR Full HD, Ultra HD, and HD, the number of television series is continuously increasing.

Multiple Streaming Platforms

You can watch Netflix on just about any device, which is another reason why it’s the finest. You can stream it on Smart TVs, laptops, smartphones, web versions, computers, tablets, or game consoles that could be used on practically any device having an open browser. Due to its widespread accessibility, Netflix is flexible and may be used in any context.

Offers Free Trials

Netflix’s money-back policy attracts the audience to this platform. Still, free trials help win the audience’s confidence, mainly when free trials consist of full-service features, like Netflix, for several nationalities (except the UK). It enables you to fully explore the service without paying for it before choosing whether you like it. 


Netflix alone has over 220M subscribers globally. However,  with a $59.14 billion worldwide industry, streaming goes far beyond that. The various video Streaming trends in 2022 are faster compression, monetizing nostalgia, milking value from franchises, competing with social media,  niche streaming services, releasing more episodes week-to-week, and many more. These trends have made a splash in 2022 and will change the online streaming industry even more in the upcoming years.



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