Spectacular Smith Arrested: Pretty Ricky’s Member Got Into an Altercation

Spectacular Smith arrested

Spectacular Smith from Pretty Ricky was recently arrested at Disney World. It was because of altercation allegations against him by another park employee. According to the media’s latest report, the arrest’s confirmation comes from the Orange County Sheriff’s chamber. They are referring to the arrest as a breach of a discipline issue.

According to the police report, on November 29, Ricky Smith was walking past the other worker. During this time, he Spectacular Smith fakes a sneeze and utters the word “Coronavirus.” Now, when he was walking away with another colleague, the complainant stops him to say that whatever Smith said was not funny. However, Ricky Smith snapped at him, saying he thought it was funny.

Afterward, the complainant continuously told Ricky to withdraw what he said. However, the latter went on refusing to do so every time. During the argument, Smith lost his calm and allegedly punched the other worker on his right temple and jaw. As a result, the man lost his balance and fell immediately.

According to the police complaint, the complainant worker was in total shock. Moreover, he thought that he was lying unconscious after the blow. Later, Smith took to his Instagram handle to post a cryptic message without a direct mention of the arrest. He states that the media always highlights one side of a story minus the correct facts. The sole reason for doing so is to demonize the black culture and show them in a bad light.

Spectacular Smith arrested due to racial discrimination.

Ricky Smith adds to the post that there are always two sides to every story, and this one is no exception. Moreover, he says that the incident is now much beyond his color or race. Therefore, he is now waiting for his attorney to permit him to give out his statement. Till then, he thanks all for the support and love.

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On the other hand, the Orange Country police say that there were several witnesses to the incident. Moreover, some of them heard the argument and saw Smith punch the worker. Besides, Smith’s son Makhiari Lorick is also testifying that his father indeed was angry. However, Lorick says that the punch was not intentional.

After the altercation, the worker went for trauma treatment to the Horizon Hospital. Here, he gets a CT scan, and the doctor says that there was a concussion, bruising, and contusion to the head. Apart from being a member of Pretty Ricky, Smith was a part of Love & Hip Hop: Miami, a TV series. Other than that, some of the Disney Parks are now open after an extended closure due to the pandemic. Besides, wearing a mask and maintaining social distancing is a mandate.

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