Significance of 2 BHK flat on rent in Delhi is available within budget

2 BHK flat

When purchasing a flat in an apartment or looking to rent out a flat, certain Vastu aspects should be considered. Many people believe that Vastu is unimportant because their house does not touch the ground (i.e., it is not on the ground floor), but Vastu does not work that way. 

  • Vaastu Shasta for flats has its origins in ancient times

Vastu Shasta for flats has its origins in ancient architectural compendiums and religious texts. You are still connected to the ground no matter how many floors up you are. Therefore, when looking for a 2 BHK flat on rent in Delhi, do not forget to check its Vastu before taking it on rent. 

  • A house as per the Vaastu is good for living 

According to Vastu, a house should be built in accordance with the four cardinal directions and not in accordance with the corner directions. A tilt of up to 15 (degrees) from the cardinal East, on the other hand, is considered acceptable. It has been observed that building a house on a corner does not bring prosperity to the inmates.

  • Know the direction of the Earth’s motion

We already know that the Earth rotates from West to East. Therefore, when comparing the Earth to a vehicle with its inhabitants as passengers, it is always recommended that we build the house in the direction of the Earth’s motion. (True East-West / North-South, i.e., Yoni 1, 3, 5, and 7). Such a residence will always result in greater comfort for the residents.

  • Look for light and fresh air to enter

So, here are some facts about northeast entrance flats –

Any door or window in your home is not only a way for light and fresh air to enter, but it is also a way for energies to enter. Now, because energies enter through doors and windows, it is critical that we get the right, so Main Door Vastu for Flats is critical. 

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  • Here are some suggestions for the best main door Vastu for flats –

You should not open your main door to face a lift. As previously stated, the apartment’s main door should face North-East and be on a wall facing North or East. As a result, house orientation is a key rule to follow when building a house for the inhabitants’ comfort and living in harmony with mother Earth.


  • Check the doors and windows in a flat

Your main door should be grand and stand out from the rest of the doors in your home. A door facing north or northeast is said to bring in more happiness and good luck; if the door faces any other direction, you may be letting this good luck out rather than letting it in. 

  • Main door should be open inwards

The main door should open inwards, as this will bring good luck and energy into your home. Another reason to have a grand main door is to set your house apart from the others; one way to do this is to have a clear door number and your name on the door.

  • Vastu for flats are important

Vastu for flats entrance is not limited to the main door Vastu; you must also ensure that the entire entrance to your house attracts positive energy. This is why the entrance to your home should be kept clean and free of clutter and garbage. The area must also be kept well-lit.

  • Talk to real estate experts in the field

Another consideration is that the main door should be at least 7ft tall, making it the tallest of all the doors in the house. Remember that the larger the door, the more energy you let in; the smaller the door, the less energy you let in. If you are looking for a single one room for rent in Delhi, talk to real estate experts in this field. 

  • Hire Stanza Living experts for further discussion
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You will be connected directly to the seller or landlord if you rent a house through an online portal like Stanza Living. When you connect with them, you can ask them for important information such as which direction the house faces and the location of all the key rooms. 

You have probably heard that having a northeast entrance for a good flat Vastu is the most desired feature. You may be wondering why North East entrance flat Vastu is so important or in such high demand. 

  • Conclusion 

You can even ask them to share a blueprint or layout of the house with you to know where each room is and other important details. You can even show these floor plans and blueprints to Vastu consultants to get an accurate sense of the house. This is the most effective way to check a house’s Vastu online.

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