Seth Rogen’s Wife Is On The Same Page With Her Husband Regarding Family Plans

Seth Rogen's Wife Is On The Same Page With Her Husband Regarding Family Plans

Seth Rogen’s wife, Lauren Miller Rogen, is a splendid actress, comedian, director, and screenwriter. The couple has been growing stronger and stronger since they met and share quite similar interests as well. Just like Lauren, Seth is also an actor, filmmaker, and comedian.

Lauren is Seth Rogen’s wife on-screen and off-screen as well. Both have been featured as a couple in several movies, to name a few, Superbad, 50/50, Sausage Party, Like Father, and Observe and Report. Lauren garnered much acclaim for her outstanding performance in one of her own written scripts- For A Good Time Call…, for which she also handled the production alongside her college roomy.

Lauren Miller Rogen directed the 2018 release Like Father, which happens to be her entry ticket into the film directorial field.

Seth Rogen And Lauren Miller Rogen: Relationship Timeline

Seth met Lauren back in 2004 while shooting for Da Ali G Show through an acquaintance who was also the producer of the same television series, and they have been dating since then. Both had the same vibes towards each other and decided to get engaged in 2010, and in the following year, Lauren became Seth Rogen’s wife.

Both Seth and Lauren read their vows at Kunde Estate in Sonoma, where they became eternal partners following Jewish ceremony rituals. Several big names joined them on their special day, including Jonah Hill, Paul Rudd, Judd Apatow, and Paul Rudd.

Seth and Lauren together took a step forward in raising awareness regarding Alzheimer’s disease, in 2012, with a movement named- “Hilarity For Charity.” The idea popped into their mind because Lauren’s mother-Adelle, Miller, was diagnosed with the same disease, and the family had a hard time dealing with it. According to Seth, it was just after a short time when they met that Lauren detected this disease in Adele. Seth expresses it as a “brutal road” as this is a kind of disease that doesn’t leave many resorts but simply be a bystander in the scenario.

Seth recalls that Alzheimer’s gradually grabbed Adele, and it was quite evident from her activities. She even had to give up her job. She used to get engaged or, to be more precise, ‘lost’ in a particular task, talked much less than she used to, and when the worst came to worst, she couldn’t walk or look after herself anymore. That was when Lauren and Seth moved their parents (Seth Rogen’s in-laws) to L.A., just a few blocks away from their apartment, so as to assist Scott (Lauren’s father) take care of Adele.

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Seth emphasized that time brought him and Lauren closer as they expressed themselves more than ever to each other. He even mentions to Glamour that being a part of a family that is dealing with such adversity day-in and day-out changed every bit of his life deeply.

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Their initiative- HFC (Hilarity For Charity), aims to facilitate the assurance of optimum care and enough resources so that the best treatment can be availed by people diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. To serve this purpose, HFC joined hands with Home Instead– an in-home care service providing organization. In 2018, the movement was supported by a special stand-up comedy show that premiered on Netflix under the same title.

While Seth Rogen’s wife appreciates how Seth manages to cope-up with difficult circumstances smilingly, the You, Me, and Dupree starrer is quite worried about Lauren getting this disease as it runs in her family. Nevertheless, he is a firm believer that with time there would surely be a proper treatment for it.

The couple has surpassed a lot of hurdles, laughing and smiling, and have supportively respected each other’s decisions. Nowadays, the couple is in the limelight due to their decision of not planning on being parents even after 10 years of their successful relationship.

Both Seth and Lauren decided to finally speak candidly about their family plans. The couple holds the view of living their life as it is now after a decade of their marriage and are not considering having a kid anytime soon. In fact, in an interview with The Howard Stern Show, Seth mentioned his priorities and how deeply he is into it, in which kids were notedly totally out of the picture.

The Knocked-Up starrer seems to believe that he won’t be able to make time for movies, writing, and pottery which he adores a lot after becoming a father. Initially, it wasn’t this easy for Seth to talk about this topic so openly, but now he firmly addresses this topic utilizing his comedian skills as he says, “There’s enough kids out there. We need more people? Who looks at the planet right now and thinks ‘You know what we need right now? More people.” SOURCE: Pinkvilla

Seth Rogen wife’s views are on the same note regarding this subject. In an interview with Stern, Seth stressed upon the fact that his wife is much less of a fan of kids than him. The couple is often on the same line on various subjects of life, and this makes us think that they are a perfect match and have quite an understanding.

In fact, not just Lauren but his own parents also hold the opinion that the two are mature enough to decide what’s right for themselves. Sandy Rogen (Seth’s mother) commented on the subject back in 2019, saying- “Well, they have a dog. We have grandchildren from our daughter, Danya Rogen, so we’re OK.” SOURCE: Man’s World (M.W.)

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The same source states Mark’s (Seth’s father) reaction on this topic as “We try not to pressure them. We think they’ll make the right decisions for themselves.” SOURCE: Man’s World (M.W.)

Back in 2020, Seth wished Lauren on their 9 years of marriage on Instagram by posting a photograph from their wedding day where both can be seen playing a video game. And the caption read- “Happy anniversary to us!! I can’t believe I’ve been lucky enough to find the perfect partner to go through life with. After 9 years married and over 15 years together, I love @laurenmillerrogen more every day. Here’s me beating her at video games at our wedding.” SOURCE: Instagram

Seth Rogen’s wife too joined in and posted a black and white photograph from their wedding day and captioned it as, “Happy Anniversary to us! 9 years married/15 together, and celebrating all the GOOD stuff.” SOURCE: Instagram

Talking of the professional phase, apart from acting, directing, and writing, Seth has also done voice-over in a plethora of animation movies apace big names in the Hollywood industry- Reese Witherspoon, Will Arnett, Angellina Jollie, Jackie Chan, and Pierce Gagnon among others. He gave voice to the animated characters such as B.O.B., Morton Mouse, Hogsqueal (a hobgoblin), and Master Mantis in Monsters vs. Aliens (2009), Horton Hears A Who! (2008), The Spiderwick Chronicles (2008), and Kung Fu Panda (2008), respectively.

Nintendo has picked out the actor to do the voice-over for the character of Donkey Kong in an upcoming computer-animated film by Nintendo Direct- Mario, which is expected to be released publicly in April 2023.

On the other hand, Seth Rogen wife was last seen in the 2021 release Phobias as Emma.

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