Robert Maraj, Father of Nicki Minaj, Killed in an Accident at Long Island

Robert Maraj

TMZ reported that Nicki Minaj’s father, Robert Maraj, got killed in a hit-and-run case. The accident happened in Long Island, and it was tragic.

According to NY Nassau County Police, Minaj’s father was walking through the road between Raff Avenue and Roslyn Road at 6 pm. A vehicle was going northbound had hit him. Police said the driver was missing. Witnesses also couldn’t give a substantial description of the incident. Witnesses could identify neither the accused driver nor the suspected vehicle.

Robert Maraj killed in an accident

Robert Maraj was admitted to the nearest hospital. His condition was critical due to his severe injuries. But he passed away on February 13. The accident investigation went on throughout the weekend.

The Homicide Squad asked the public if they could identify the accused driver. The description of the vehicle which struck was also not enough.

Nicki Minaj did not comment on her father’s demise

Rapper Nicki Minaj has not commented on her dad’s demise yet. Pictures are going around the internet of the father and the daughter hugging each other. So naturally, it is an assumption that they had amicable relationships. She used to meet him from time to time. But their present relationship is still apprehensive to many.

A representative confirmed Robert Maraj’s death news from her end. There was no other statement yet from her. Robert Maraj was 64 at the time of his death due to the hit and run accident in Long Island. May his soul rest in peace.

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